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Flashing Back JD’s Moments – When I Learned of the Greatest Gift

Mamas, since this is my space reserved for being a wife and motherhood, and to be fair to our eldest Jhaydii, I will be re-posting articles I posted in I Am Dhi Mama đŸ˜‰ and of course will be continuing to blog about our second baby.

So here’s the first flashback…. way back 2011

When I Learned of the Greatest Gift

Every couple dreams of having a child right after they get married. A family will not be complete without  being blessed by a precious gift and an angel in the form of a baby. We, I and my husband are very lucky that a month after we got wed, I confirmed that I was pregnant, that’s exactly after I learned that I missed my monthly period, but I was looking for that delay as I really wanted to bear a child. My last menstruation period was June 23 2011, and a month after, on July 22nd, I had my pregnancy test. It was mixed emotions, I was nervous and excited, nervous in the sense that what if it turns negative, excited of course if I see it positive.But God did not fail us, after 5 minutes or so, two red lines gave me the confirmation that I was pregnant, all that mixed emotions turned into happiness!

My First Pregnancy Test – July 22, 2011

I convinced myself that result was positive, but I still was dubious because the T line was not that clear as the C line, so I decided to have another test after 2 days.

My Second Pregnancy Test – July 24, 2011
Still got the same result, I actually repeated the test on 4th time, results were all positive.I consulted my officemates, showed them the pictures and told me that I as positive. I was very happy to inform the very good news to my husband who was already in Dubai that time. He was excited to tell the whole world about it, when he learned of the greatest gift we received –  a happiness and excitement I did have.
Our prayer was granted – our love reared a very good fruit and gift. We were very thankful by giving us that precious and wonderful gift from HIM. Thank you so much Lord!
Mama Dhi