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Buntis Leap OOTD

I really was thinking of posting about the pregnancy fashion or maternity outfit. Hesitation attacks me because of course I again will be posted online…but, what’s new right? I’ve been posting about me since 2008 and I chose it. I chose my name to be on the web ?

One reason also is that, what would I post as my maternity fashion, I don’t have that much! But then, I realized that everyday is fashionable for pregnant women, why? Because it’s hard to choose maternity outfit, still need to look nice especially if you are working like me. So everyday is fashionable for us preggy… Agree? ?

And here’s my first ootd! Sorry, the picture was taken in F21 dressing room when I was looking for a dress that I can wear.

This dress was ordered online at, just discovered it through facebook, and upon checking their items, I undoubtedly ordered 3. And here’s one of them… (will update what this item is)

I am on my 23rd weeks here, weighs 117lbs haha. And the good thing is, I can still wear this dress after giving birth, it’s designed for pregnant and not.

I love the stripes… and I love the quality, the comfy and the price. is recommended to all, it’s actually a maternity online shop but their products are also wearable even not pregnant, so go and visit!

Be blessed!