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Second Time Around

**original posting date – October 25, 2015***
I’m 7 days delayed of my period today, (thank you My Calendar app for constantly reminding me) my second time to experience this 😉 I also am experiencing sore nips – enough sign of pregnancy haha. I was planning on losing weight pa naman, and oh, I went on jogging for 4 days last week! Kasi my clothes are getting tighter ?

I was waiting for my period to come, I told myself delayed lang ako ng 2 or 3 days, but hey, come 6 to 7 days delayed pa din. That’s the time I told my husband I’d buy a PT (pregnancy test kit) to test if I’m pregnant or not. I bought last night at Watsons for Php88.75. And yes, I was excited to use it, but prevented to test here in the office, and waited until I’m home so I can share whatever the news will be to my husband.

And after my night shift work, when I reached home and after I changed my clothes (and peeked JD on the other room), I went to the bathroom and peed. I squeezed some amount from my pee and poured it on the PT. I was nervous as the pee went through the kit, it was red at first, had one line, and then whoa, two lines in less than a minute! That was fast! I got 2 clear red lines that means I’m positive, we’re having a second baby! JD will be ate na next year! ???

After I saw the result, I showed it to my husband, and his reaction wasn’t so clear (because he was busy doing something outside and I showed it through the window). When he’s done and we’re at the kitchen, he yelled, “Yey! may junior na ako! His happiness was obvious. We started to talk about it, he shared that he was already thinking of names (nung sinabi ko sa kanya na baka buntis ako), and I told him, ako din, I’m thinking na din. I told him also, I was also thinking who the ninong and ninang will be and natawa sya kasi sabi nya, pareho daw kami ng iniisip haha.

I was happy to see that he is happy (of course he should!)

Before pala to that, after I saw the result and after I showed to my husband, I picked JD from her ates room and gising na din naman sya. I hugged and kissed her and told her magiging ate ka na. At first she no’d, but I explain to her that she will become ate soon. Sabi nya, she likes girl daw kasi girl sya so she can use her things daw if it’s girl hehe. Okay din. But we’re also hoping to be a boy para girl and boy na. But, whatever God gives us, we will welcome it and accept it, blessing, very wonderful blessing once again!

Ito pa ang maganda. My expected delivery will be June 2016, same birth month of my husband which is napag usapan namin na sana next time same month naman ng birthday nya, JD and I kasi have the same birth month which is March. 😉

So this is the start of healthy eating again and extra care. I will keep this diary updated of my pregnancy.

With much love,