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What to Expect During the Pre-Natal Check Up

Happened on 2011
I did not fail on my pre-natal check ups, wanted my baby to be healthy. During my 1st until 2nd trimester, I visited my OB once a month, became twice on my 7th-8th month and weekly on my last month.
There were slight changes happened to me, but I did not suffer as much as other pregnant women do. I never had morning sickness, I did not dislike anything – food, perfume and the like.I had a good and positive aura, I always was feeling happy and proud. Furthermore, the baby in my womb was so kind and understanding, she knew then that her daddy wasn’t there beside me so she decided not to make me suffer bearing her, very sweet of her!
I was still pregnant during the latter term of my MBA course, there were reports, case analysis and defense. Before I gave birth, I managed to take the written comprehensive exam, that was on March 11, 2012, a day before also I took my leave of absence or maternity leave from work. I always talked to my baby, “baby, wait for mama to finish her exam ha before you go out”, and she did not fail me…. Kind and obedient baby..
And I went out of topic…Now, what to expect during your check up? One of the best ways to give your baby a healthy start is to get proper pre-natal care, it’s not only essential for your baby, but your health as well. Once you have visited your doctor, she will make sure that you will get all the help you will need. So here are what to be done.
  • Once you entered the clinic, the OB’s secretary or staff will check for your weight and blood pressure. During your first pre-natal, a urine test and blood sample will be collected.
  • At 8 weeks, your doctor may advise you to have an ultrasound to check on the heartbeat, she may even check it through a doppler.
  • At about 28 weeks, a blood test may be done to measure the sugar level in your blood.
  • Between 32-36 weeks, a vaginal exam may be done to check for bacteria.
  • When you are close to your due date, a vaginal exam will be done to check for changes in your cervix that may indicate that labor is getting closer.

That picture is me, taken 09/24/11, on my 3rd month of pregnancy with Jhaydii. It’s less obvious then, you won;t even notice that I was pregnant. I weighed 100lbs before I got pregnant, and here, I was 106lbs. It’s normal to gain weight, you eat for two, but not too much for 2, just enough you know. You don’t want to be as big as a dolphin do you. Here’s my pregnancy weight tracker a month before I gave birth.

Your doctor will also give you folic, vitamins and iron and advise you to take milk or chocolate whichever you prefer, I had Anmum choco. But I sometimes did not want to drink at all, I skipped sometimes.

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Be blessed!