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Albumin Trace and Pus Cells are Gone Finally – JD’s Time

**originally posted on march 2012**

Last Tuesday, I had my pre-natal check up. Went there in the clinic before 4pm. Had to do the urinalysis first to check if the albumin trace I had in my pregnancy is gone. I waited for 15-20 minutes for the result, and then the staff handed me my result. My eyes went first to the chemical area – I checked first the albumin, I had it TRACE result during the entire urinalysis I had, and I sighed and felt relieved when I saw the result as NEGATIVE, I uttered “Hay salamat, negative na din”. And found out too that the pus cells which I had it first as 5-6 hpf, 4-5 hpf 3-4hpf – was now 0-2hpf!!! Yes! Finally, I had a very nice result. Unfortunately, UTI is still here

 After I got my urinalysis, I went upstairs in the clinic, the assistant checked my blood pressure – 100/70 and my weight and I now weigh 122 lbs, I already gained 22lbs in my entire pregnancy which is considered normal. After all other patients were called, came my turn. My OBgyne was happy to see the result of my urinalysis. And by the way, this time, my mother accompanied me even in the consultation room, so she saw our baby when we checked her via ultrasound. Saw her female gender again, checked her heartbeat, her lips, nose and her eyes, she even blinked twice cutie cutie, love our baby! mwah mwah!

Dra. Valdez performed an internal examination of me, and she told me, I was already 1cm (March 13, 2012) and anytime by this week, I could be possibly give birth. So after the IE, she gave me an admission slip so anytime I felt the labor, I can hastily go to the hospital and be admitted. She explained to me how to feel the labor and the sign that I should go to the hospital.

Right now on my 38th week, I haven’t felt the contraction or any pain, I am just doing normal. I am spending my time doing the household chores and walking, a bit of sleeping. I am not bored actually. I am excited for ourbaby to greet the world. She’s doing the acrobats now, right at this moment while I am writing this post. Can’t wait to kiss and hug her. We love you anak!