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How We Prepare Our Toddler (JD) with the Coming of Our 2nd Baby

**original posting date: March 17, 2016**

My former officemate told me before that we should have our second baby na daw, that was when JD is still 2 years old. She said that because according to her, jealousy might happen if the eldest baby reaches the age of 3 or 4.

Now that I am pregnant with our 2nd baby and JD is 4 by the time I delivered, I vex on how this will be accepted by her. Will she be jealous because the attention that we are giving her will be divided and that we will not be cuddling not only her but her new sibling as well? Might be ? Because she shows it, her jealousy is obvious everytime I or her daddy carries someone else’s baby. We don’t want it to happen with her new baby brother/sister.

And to prepare her for this, I explained to her that she will be having a new baby whom she can share toys or clothes with. She accepted it, but of course she is young and can’t stick to that, who knows right?

Besides to that, we always go together when I have my monthly OB check up and let her listen to the heartbeat of baby tummy. She even joins me inside the room where I lied to listen to the heartbeat, she’s beside me listening as well. I see smiles on her face as she hears the fast heartbeat inside me.

And by the time baby tummy started to move and kick inside me, I let her feel it. I placed her palm on my tummy where she feels the kick, ans she shouts with joy upon feeling it. She also is always kissing my tummy uttering “I love you baby tummy”

There’s so much more we should do in order for JD to not be jealous of baby tummy. We should fully prepare her for it.

Anyway, she prefers a sister. Her reason behind is that, she can’t share her toy if it’s a boy haha. But we explained to her that she can still share if it’s a boy like what her kuya’s (cousins) are doing.

I am on my 25th week now and haven’t have my gender check yet. I haven’t have my ultrasound yet as I want to do it in 3D/4D. The Pampanga Women Ultrasound accepts by the time the tummy is on it’s 28th week. 3 more weeks for me, I’m being patient ? anyway.

jd and me preg 2

To end, if you have a toddler and worry about the coming of another baby, well, I can relate to you and hopefully our strategy will help us achieve our goal….