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I’m A Very Satiated Elin Customer

*** Reposted, March 12, 2016***

Choosing clothes for a pregnant woman like me is no joke. Ako pa naman yung buntis na ayaw talaga ng maternity outfit. I want an outfit that I can use even I’m not preggy.

During my first pregnancy, I did not buy dress that much, I think I bought 1 or 2 only because I can still wear the clothes I normally don at work. It was because my baby bump then was small. But it’s a bit bigger now than before. My office suits can’t accommodate my growing belly anymore, and sabi ko nga, I don’t have much maternity outfit before na pwede ko gamitim uli ngayon. So, I need to buy na talaga, not just one but should be more hehe, I need it more because I’m working. And it doesn’t need to be ordinary but outfit that means will complement the corporate world I’m working in. We are required to be in our business attire everyday except Fridays and close week.

And there is this online shop that I discovered through facebook. I was browsing my feed and that online shop got my interest because the maternity outfit it is showing is very nice. So I visited the online shop and that is the You can wear their products even you are not pregnant. Oh di ba bongga, I will still have more dresses when I deliver ?

True enough, as I browse through their products, all of them are looking nice, designs are fantastic. So without hesitation, I placed my order and paid through paypal. I had 3 items worth more than Php2k with 10% discount because I am a first timer. What I ordered were Anna Dress, Celestine and Coco Tee…

Me in the middle wearing Celestine Dress

I feel so comfy and confident wearing elin products. And oh by the way, shipping fee is free because my order is worth Php2k delivered to province. It’s free also in Metro Manila if the order is P1k. And because I’m very satisfied, I again placed another order yesterday March 10. I will post pictures again when I received the item.

Being pregnant does not prevent you from being fashionably beautiful, just be you and don something that will boost your bump and confidence ??