It’s My 35th! and Was Surprised

Let this post be a space for my birthday and share with you the extraordinary thing that happened ? Let’s jump to the time where I was fetched by my husband at SM (Rotonda), that was at dawn of March 3 – 1:30AM. When we reached home, I looked at our room’s window to see if JD is awake, pero it was dark. As I entered the house it was so totally dark which is unusual. Then I went to our room, open the light and was surprised to see what was awaiting me ? The very first time that my husband did it, a bouquet of flowers, and greetings on the wall with the balloon. I was so happy and moved by his effort. Hinanap ko sya, he wasn’t there pa coz chineck nya the balutan. I went back to the room and took pictures of his surprise.

Then I heard him from the kitchen so I went to him. Na surprise again ako because I saw him lighting the cake with candle, gave it to me and greeted me with happy birthday. That was the time my tears fell, his effort was so touching. I really really appreciated and love it much.

On this day of my birthday, I want to thank God for keeping me alive for 365 days, for giving me another year to be with my loved ones and for all the blessings that He bestowed me. I feel so blessed all my life – with family, job, friends and people I work with, so much to be thankful for. And expressing my thanks to my husband and daughter who spent their time preparing a surprise for me. Not only that – thankful for being my inspiration everyday, I love you very much daddy, JD and baby tummy. Thankful as well to my parents and brothers for being my inspiration as well and for loving me all the time. For my husband’s relatives, thank you. And to all those who greeted me, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Another year is over, and a new year is to face. Challenges are always there, but I’m not daunted to face them because I know that God will always be there for me as well as my family. I will go through these challenges courageously ???

And before I end this post, syempre hind magpapaiwan sa picture, she also wants a picture with the flowers. And here she is.

Happy JD with bouquet

With thanks,