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JD’s Chin Got Stiched!

**Flashback from September 2015**

We were about to leave to have lunch at one of our relatives – 40 days death of their father. Just when I was preparing something at the kitchen, I heard JD crying loudly. I looked at her and saw she was in the stairs, holding her chin. I thought it was just a simple accident. But when I approached and help her, I saw lots of blood on her hands and checked where it was coming. I was nervous when I saw her chin. There’s a laceration – a bit of epidermis protrudes. I panicked. My husband and I decided to bring her to the hospital to get her wound stitched.

Here she is, bravely facing Dr. Clemente while she was getting stitched. She got 3. I can’t endure looking at her while she’s like this (but I still manage to take her pictures haha). She got our very good – behaving while she was being asked by the nurse, while being injected with anesthesia and while being stitched. Before her turn, we always told her not to cry and be brave, her laceration will be okay – this helped a lot 🙂
stitch 2

We’ll get back to the hospital to remove the stitches, and hopefully her wound is okay na okay by then.