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Jhaydii Turns Four

*** Originally posted on March 21, 2016**

Officially Jhaydii is four now. And that proves how time really wanes. From a 6.1 lbs to 14kgs and from a sleepy to a loquacious smart little girl. I now have a little one who corrects me when I made a mistake, mistake caused by dotage haha ?

We didn’t have much. We surprised her by her favorite balloons and gifts. On night of March 20th we wanted her to sleep early so we can set up the surprise, but she slept at past 10pm. And on 12mn, my husband and I woke up to blow the balloons. When we’re done, I brought the balloons inside the room, but surprisingly, one balloon got unattach from the stick and it flew, so I chased it and attached back to the stick. Behind me was the electric fan, and the stick got inside created a noise that made JD woke up haha… “Mama? Ano po yun?” Haha I lied beside her so she couldn’t notice the balloons. It took her so long before she went back to sleep. She peed too, I need to cover her when entering the room so she could not see the surprise.

And when the sun was up and it’s 730am, I forced her to wake up. She right away see our surprise for her. ? “That’s my gift?” “Yes” i replied. I saw happiness on her face. She hastily went to bed where the balloons and gift were placed. And opened the gifts with excitement.

Then her daddy came, with him was a cake while he’s singing happy birthday. We can see that she’s very happy with our simple way of surprising her.

She kept on asking me the whole day “mama birthday ko pa din po ngayon?” Innocent really… I love her that way.

jd 4th

And her happiness was completed when we brought her to Pampanga Skyranch. She just had a carousel ride. And dahil preggy ako and bawal daw to ride, no choice si daddy kundi samahan si JD.

We also did play shooting ball na kapag naka shoot sa blue yellow or red ay may prize na stuff toy. We paid 200 for 15 balls ata un and daddy jay shoot only blue haha. So JD had a puppy. Despite this simple, she kept on saying “I’m happy”. Nakakatuwa talaga mga bata, simple things make them really really happy, sana tayong mga adult din ?

Now that you are four, we wish you to grow up a very well child. We pray that God will always protect you, keep you safe and healthy. And that we may provide you a good future. We love you so so much baby Jhaydii!