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My Pregnancy Weight Tracker – Then & Now

** Original posting date: Feb2016 **
I am on my 24th week (6 months) now and weigh heavier than I was with JD. Meanwhile, here’s what my complete term pregnancy weight tracker when I was pregnant with JD, and following my current weight with our second baby 🙂
**Originally posted last 2012**
I watched my weight, I ate healthy but in moderation so that I will not gain much weight and the baby inside me will not grow big. Here are my weights during my pregnancy.
For a 5’2 like me, I still had a normal BMI.
Now – here’s my weight, a bit heavier than before. I was at 117 lbs during my 32nd week, but now with our second baby, I am weighing the same at my 24th week! Really heavier! I can’t imagine how heavy I would be during my last term, of course heavier than 125 lbs. But it’s okay – I still am on a normal range.
 The weight tracker I used before is now inactive, the site is now gone, that is why I installed the enfamama on my phone, yun nga lang, this app does not have the option of inputting the weeks where the weight is tracked – I just need to take note na lang.