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OGCT, Urine Test and Albumin with Our 2nd Baby

I am one lucky mama for being pregnant without any difficulty going through it. Even when I was carrying JD, I also did not go through morning sickness and other unlikely conditions other pregnant women experience. I must be thankful to my babies for not giving me so much sacrifices 🙂

Seems everything is normal, my tummy is not that huge, I can travel from and to Pampanga for work, not so much cravings and not gaining much weight. And when I gave birth to JD, I also did not have much pain, I didn’t feel how I delivered her NSD. I always tell na ewan ko, I didn’t feel it, kasi honestly, hindi talaga. I was sleeping, and when I woke up, I was groggy, my OB and her assistants were around helping me push JD out. I just noticed her voice, and medyo blurry pa sight ko – it was perhaps because of the meds that I took and injected on me. Sabi ni Doc Valdez – my first OB, I didn’t know how to make iri daw kaya nahirapan sila, although di ko na feel hehe…. When I regained my memory after being discharged from operating room on March 21, 2012, dun ko na feel na masakit ang tyan ko, dahil sa pagdagan sa akin to help me push JD out 😀 .

And with our second baby, I hope Dra. Jeanette Samonte will be that good as Dra. Valdez, that she’ll not make it hard for me to deliver our baby ?.

On the other note….. so I had a post here that I took my OGCT with JD having a HIGH 160+! result, made me take the OGTT – wherein four blood extractions were done in the interval of an hour. That was so memorable, and tiring.

Thankfully I now have a normal sugar level of 110 (sigh). The lab test was done when I was on my 22nd week, taken last February 20. My husband accompanied me at SFUC, we were there at about 11am. I actually forgot the process, the lab assistant asked me the time I had my breakfast, yay good thing it was already an hour lapsed kasi the test needs to be done after an hour of breakfast. The assistant gave me a 50ml solution – which is very sweet. My bad that I didn’t take a photo of it. After I took it, the assistant told me to wait for an hour then the blood will be extracted. Okay – so after an hour, the blood was extracted. JD was with me the whole process while my husband was waiting outside. You know namen men – they usually are impatient ( ? ) JD was curious the entire test at syempre ready ako sa mga answers hehe. And then after extraction, I have to wait for another hour again for the result – so long process talaga. What more with OG?T right? Buti na lang talaga normal ang sugar level ko.

So ito na mga mama ang result, syempre my husband fell asleep while waiting, almost 1PM na when the result was given. I was wondering pa if this 110mg ba na result is normal because there’s no range or basis as to whether just right or high. I just knew it when I had my check up with Dra. Samonte. Thank God for a normal result. I also am an O+ blood type na I always forget. Iblog ko na para I will always be reminded no. So same pala kami ni Jay ng blood type, he is also O+ ?

And likewise – I also had problem with my urinalysis  JD’s time. I had UTI, albumin and pus cells trace. And because I make sure now that I drink a lot of water, yey and clap for the result ?  I don’t have any trace of albumin and pus cells and a rare bacteria. Good job ma dhy! For baby’s benefit eat right and healthy and drink plenty!

This lab test costed my Php1,250 – urine test was Php50 and the rest was for blood. Just right.

My last check up was February 27. Dra. Samonte advised me that I can have my ultrasound na daw to know the gender of our baby. Hopefully it’s a boy na ?