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Pus Cells, Albumin, Glucose Test, Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGCT) with JD

**original posting date – 2012**

I need to rush posting about my conception, our baby is growing up so fast and there are already some important milestones to share here. So here are some of the other something about my pregnancy.
First – about the urinalysis, I had been so many urine test. I need to make it perfect otherwise, my baby will have infection. The pus cells should be 0-2, no trace of albumin and UTI should be minimal, but look at my entire test, I needed to work out very hard in order to change the result. (I left the final result to my OB – the improved result)
Those encircled, please take a look at those… I was fortunate that it was decreasing…. Otherwise, our baby will be infected.
Pus Cells: 10 – 12     Albumin: Trace


Pus Cells: 8 – 10     Albumin: Positive
Pus Cells: 4 – 5     Albumin: Trace


Pus Cells: 3 – 4     Albumin: Trace

The last time I had my urine test was a week or two before I gave birth, and I got 0-2 pus cells, yey! and negative albumin trace.

And now, my glucose test. This was my first glucose test, blood was extracted, prior to doing the extraction, the lab tech gave me a liquid (lemon juice) that was so sweet, rested for about an hour and finally extracted my blood. The RESULT: HIGH! 163 mg/dl, normal should only be 74-106 🙁 .

Because it might cause infection to our baby, and I might be a diabetic, to prove that I am not, my OB prescribed me to do a OGCT or Oral Glucose Tolerance Test.


 My OGCT result! I passed! The test was done Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011. I arrived at the clinic at 6 am, I needed to be that early because the OGCT should be for 4 hours and 4 blood extraction. Each has one hour interval before the extraction. Oh by the way, I also did not eat I underwent fasting. I was sleeping in between the extraction. Because it was four, my two hands had 2 2 holes each…. Ouch! Thankfully I passed.

Look at the picture, I was far at being diabetic… 🙂


The glucose/OGCT is being done during the 5th-6th month of pregnancy. The urinalysis is being done anytime, until the result becomes desirable.
So mama, watch what you eat! Minimize sweets, fatty and salty, everything should be taken in moderation.