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Reminiscing the Time When Baby Jhaydii Was Born – 5 Years Ago

Reminiscing the moment I delivered baby Jhaydii 🙂
On Tuesday March 20, 2012, I had a pre-natal check up again with Dra.Valdez. She did me an internal examination, checked the cervix and it was still 1cm (a week prior to that, she also IE’d me still was 1cm), I was 38 weeks 6/7 that day. So she gave me a prescription to force widening the cervix so our baby will come out. I forgot the medicine’s name, I needed to take it for 3 times daily. Honestly, the internal examination was painful I bled, but it was normal according to Doc.
Oh by the way – it took us too long before we had our turn for check up ( I was with my mother). So while waiting for our turn (we were at the clinic at 10am but my queue fell at 1pm) we decided to go to SM San Pablo and spent time waiting there. I walked for 2 hours (tired!) We went back to the clinic at 3pm, oh no our turn had passed,but luckily, the secretary knew that we were supposed to be at 1pm so she called me when she saw me.
And we went home after the check up.
Now the labor stage:
At 10pm of March 20, 2012, I was actually feeling frequent painless contractions, I knew then that I was about to deliver. And at 12mn, the pain was starting to occur, I couldn’t sleep, I even sighed and voiced out the pain, I was lying with my mother. She knew that I was having contraction, sabi nya don’t share anything if I am feeling something para daw di maudlot. So I did it, I endured the pain, it was still tolerable.I got up from my bed together with my mother and even my father at 2am, I felt the hunger and I drank milo and skyflakes (hindi daw pwede kumain ng madami baka kasi aanak na nga), then went back to bed after 30 minutes, tried to sleep but wasn’t able to do so. And at 4am, it was really painful, I also told my mother, natatae ako, she really knew I was about to give birth. I peed and saw the blood on my undies, pointed it out to inay and asked me if I wanted to be brought to the hospital. I said yes, as the pain was not tolerable anymore. I took a quick shower first, changed my clothes and the service arrived when I was ready. At 5am, we left our home and they brought me to the hospital. There was a rainshower along the way, the tricycle had to stop to a gasoline station for some refuel and re-oil, we reached Community General Hospital at 6am. We checked in at emergency room, and the attendants did some examinations to me. The IE was painful, also, every time I was having contraction, I couldn’t move, I did not want anyone to do something or even touched me, I was telling them “sandali lang” and then gusto ko mabilis nila ko examine because the contractions were frequent and painful. The first IE, I was already 4cm according to the nurse. Then I was brought to the delivery room at the 2nd floor, as advised by Dra. Valdez too ( I already had my admission slip). At the delivery room, after some examination again, I was brought to a bed nearby, and the nurse had me pooped, there was a liquid (in a tube – pail, they call it balatiba) inserted in my anus to force me poop until no poop was coming out. It was hard really, I had I think 4 liquid insertion, and frequent contractions in between. Every time I sat to poop, I felt like baby jd was coming out. I was holding tight at the wall holding my breath to ease the pain. I was mindless of the way I looked, wearing a green hospital gown, tied at the back, and my but was peeping. An IE was done again, I was already 6cm then. The nurse gave me half tablet according to her, it was the medicine for a painless delivery, she also gave me a shot at my thigh. And I lied at the delivery bed, I did not know what happened next, I fell asleep, when I had my consciousness, I vaguely saw people around me. I saw someone was over me, helping me push out, I did not know if male or female – she also turning my right hand back to the handle beside me, kasi nakikihawak daw ako sa labasan ni baby – so I had bloody right hand. I heard Doc Valdez voice too, but hardly saw her. Di ko masyado naramdaman that baby already came out, I just felt I was having a lump blood coming out like a menstruation. And that was it, the painless delivery I had. I also didn’t know if jd was placed on me, I was really unconscious.
Here are the photos we had, unfortunately, the hospital doesn’t allow cameras inside the delivery room, so sad, no photos were taken while I was giving birth.
So cute!


I still looked pregnant here haha…


Her eyes were covered as she was having a phototherapy. She stayed in the NICU for 4 days to cure her high WBC and bilirubin


On Wednesday March 21, 2012 at 8:53 am, our greatest gift joined us here on earth, I gave birth through normal delivery. She weighed 6.1 lbs and measured 49 cm. I was very happy, so as my husband.

Birth Announcement created at – actually is 49cm not 49 inches
I stayed in the hospital for 1 1/2 days, our baby was not allowed to go home with me, she was still under treatment having a high white blood cells (wbc) and bilirubin. She was undergoing injections 3 times a day to cure her wbc and underwent phototheraphy for bilirubin.


the NICU nurse injects the antibiotic to jd
the blue light is the phototheraphy


 Jhaydii has never been brought beside me, I visited her at NICU to breastfeed. She stayed at the nursery for four days. And finally after 4 days, baby Jhaydii was brought home, we really missed her! I was excited to sleep with her all the time.


Baby Jhaydii with Inay on March 25, 2012
Leaving the Community General Hospital

I would say I didn’t have that much difficulty with my first delivery, thank God. Until my second baby please :-*