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We’re Having A Baby Boy!

**Orinally posted on March 30, 2016**

Last October 31, 2015 – I tried the Chinese Gender Predictor of, the result, we will be having a girl again. Let me repost my post…

Too early to say ๐Ÿ™‚ But just for fun and to see if the Chinese Gender predictor is somehow accurate, I tried it. And it says we’re having a girl! Again ๐Ÿ™‚

I used the babycenter’s gender predictor. Here’s how.

 photo babcenter_zpslomfja1u.jpgYou just need to enter your age and the month when you conceive. I wasn’t sure of my conception, what I know is the my LMP, so I consulted another site to see my conception period and it gave me October.

And here’s the result. Viola!

 photo its a girl_zps2ujwelbz.jpgEither boy or girl, we will be very happy.

Besides, JD wants a girl kasi sabi nga nya, pag girl daw gagamitin ni baby yung outgrown things nya. If boy, boy daw dapat si JD. Haha

And I am very happy to see that JD loves the baby in my womb, she never forgets to kiss my little tummy and hug me and say “I love you baby, I love you Mama” – so really sweet of her ๐Ÿ˜‰

And nakakatuwa pa the other day when nagpaalam ako sa kanya that I will go to work na. Tawang tawa sya and told me ” Haha si mama papasok sa work may baby sa tyan”

And another amazing thing of her is that – the time na pauwi na si daddy and JD after maghatid sa akin sa bus terminal, JD asked her father if how the baby na daw in my womb. So the father tried his best to explain to JD na small pa si baby and starting to develop pa. With her age, we really need to prepare a lot of explanations as she keeps on asking us why, “Bakit po” Bakit po”, curious of everything. Very loquacious.

And yesterday she asked me, “Wala pa pong nose si baby saka mouth?” – and I told her yes wala pa kasi it still develops pa. And to help me explain, I let her watch the development of a baby ๐Ÿ˜‰ She attentively watched it.

And now I realized, it’s not really about the position the time you made love (I knew how we were when we make our 2nd baby ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Because it’s confirmed that we are having a baby boy now! Yes, that is right \m/ Last Monday, March 28, we did the ultrasound to see the gender of our baby tummy. It was supposed to be a 4D na din, but the OB told me that it’s too early and the baby is still thin. It has to be between 28 to 30 weeks so who it resembles will be clearer. So what happen was, the genitals check na lang.

And because daddy J is busy receiving the fresh ducks’ egg, he wasn’t able to go with us at Pampanga Womens Ultrasound Center in Robinsons Pampanga. Kaya take a look I was always checking on Jhaydii kasi baka lumabas sya and kung anong mangyari. But see, she was just right there beside the beds sitting and watching baby tummy at the monitor. Yun nga lang may times na she’d stand, out of boredom perhaps.

And then the OB asked me if I know the gender na daw I told her not, so that’s the first thing she checked and yey! She showed me it’s a boy. I loudly said YEY! Was so much happy to know that it’s now a baby boy. I then hastily informed my husband about it and I can sense his happiness?ย ??

Jd prefers a girl so I asked her if it’s okay if it’s a boy and she answered yesย ?ย thank God. No problem at all.