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A Commuting Pregnant Mama

**Originally posted on June 6, 2016**

I’m one of the luckiest individuals to have a work located at Pasay and where my residence is at Mexico Pampanga, takes an hour or two by the bus and do all my best to go home everyday by commuting.

Yeah, you read it right, one of my sacrifices for the sake of my family is to commute everyday even I’m pregnant. Don’t worry, I and the baby inside me are okay ??.

Because there are lots of commuters everyday, there were days that there’s no more available seat and I have no choice but to stand in the aisle of the bus, but albeit my tummy is visibly pregnant nobody was kind enough to offer their seats to me – siguro sabi nila alam ko na standing na but I still chose to ride ? that’s people nowadays, comfort is the first thing in mind. No one dares to offer seat to those who are in need – they need it too kasi.

And now, Monday (oh Tuesday ? I worked on Monday sched and go home on Tuesday), I didn’t expect that the bus will be fully occupied before 12:30am or even 12mn. When I hopped in, the driver told me “Maam tayuan na po, may kasunod naman po” I insisted to ride kasi 130am pa next trip and I still have to go to work. So I stood konti pa lang nakatayo. And someone told me that there’s a vacant seat dun na lang daw ako umupo. I approached the guy seated beside the vacant seat and told me there’s someone sitting na ???? A mother from the next row called me and told me to sit beside her and her daughter. Sigh – thank God I wouldn’t have to stand for more an hour besides I’m due this month na.

This is my second time to travel almost standing – nobody really was kind enough to offer their sole seat for me haha. The first one, I seated on the arm rest and this second time around a mother offered me to sit beside her – buti na lang I’m not that big, it’s not hard for me to be the 3rd passenger  of a 2-seater bus. ? Nevertheless I’m very thankful that I was offered with space kasi I know it’s also hard for them to adjust just to accommodate me.

Thank God it’s not that traffic albeit it’s raining. Hopefully will get home by 1am.

This is me, the pregnant commuting mama of the Philippines, and one of my sacrifices is to catch the first trip going home with or without seat. And make sure me and baby tummy are safe ?