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A Peek of Our Baby Boy in My Womb

***Oroginal Posting Date: April 22, 2016**

Sadly – the outcome of Pampanga Women’s Ultrasound Center is not as wonderful as In My Womb 🙁 I was expecting to be somehow like that but it turned out not. Here’s why…

Last April 15 2016, I decided to have my 4D ultrasound done at Pampanga Women’s Ultrasound Center, since also I was also taking a leave that day. We were at Robinsons Starmills (Pampanga) at around 10:55. I registered and was queue 13. When we arrived, the ultrasound has just started according to the assistant, so we just prowled around first while waiting for my turn. Came 11:30, we went back to the clinic and still number 1. Tired of walking, we went to the foodcourt and wait there. While waiting, I thought of processing my passport renewal – so we processed it first (so fast) – read my post I’m Priority.

Passport renewal was done by 1:30PM. We went back to the clinic and check what number was – and yay, number 7! Tic tac tic tac, hours passed by – patients were taking too long before getting accommodated. My husband almost lost his temper – we waited for almost 3 hours before our turn! Too long. I had no choice but to wait – yun lang kasi ang nag iisang ultrasound clinic with 3D/4D 🙁 I can’t go back to In My Womb because I want Jay and Jhaydii see baby tummy.

And my turn now – the assistant called me and have me lied on the bed to prepare my session. I waited for about 5 minutes before the scanning began.The OB started the scanning and fast forward to the 3D/4D. She told me that the position of our baby isn’t good for a profile shot and that I have less fluid on head part. But she said she’d try. She saved scans of I think 9, but I only was satisfied to the 2 shots. Here it is – he’s smiling 😀

3D kiehl

And here’s Jhaydii’s shot at In My Womb Mall of Asia compared to Kiehl.

3D siblings

My session took for about 30 minutes. I only had 3D, because baby’s position is not good for a 4D. Their 3D costed Php850 and will add Php100 for every picture printed. So I paid a total of Php1,050.00

Now – why I’m not happy and satiated with the result? I compared it to In My Womb. In In My Womb (Mall of Asia), the picture is clearer and the print has a design on it. You’ll also not need to wait that long. Also – they accommodate 24 to 32 weeks unlike in Pampanga, you need to be 28th to 30th week pregnant before having the 3D/4D ultrasound. And I also think that in In My womb, the OBs are more than expert to give patients a better and satisfactory still and moving pictures and video. Read my post A Glimpse of What’s In My Womb. Yun nga lang it’s pricey than in Pampanga – but it’s okay if you’d have a very satisfactory result right?

Nevertheless – still was happy because my husband and JD were able to see our baby boy…. So thank you PWUC 😉

10 more weeks!