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A Wiser Mama Dhy

Last Saturday – April 24, we went to SM Pampanga to buy baby tummy’s stuff. It was already past 7:30PM when we got there and need to rush before the store closes at 9PM. I already had the list of things to buy so I would know what to pick and not.

Baby Company is where I buy baby things, same with JD. I and JD went there, got the cart and started picking things. JD also was excited to pick things for her, haha – got everything she wanted and put them in the cart. First was the tumber – no it can’t be, it’s for 0 to 6+ months, and grabbed another one tumbler and it’s again not for her. On her 3rd grab, she had a 3-set of meal utensils, ayun pasok.

Why wiser me? Being a second time mom, I somehow know what our baby would need. Unlike during my first time, although I was advised what to buy, I ended up buying a lot of things for JD and spent big chunk of money 🙁 Kasi naman yung friend ko na supervisor that time sa Baby Company SM San Pablo, suggest ng suggest ng mga need daw ni baby and put right away in my cart. Ako naman sige lang and agree lang – came time to pay umabot ng Php10K! Shocks right?

Here’s JD’s stuff – my first

Now with our second – many saleslady offered me different baby stuff, “ma’am ito po try nyo, kelangan po ni baby nito”, 😀 I learned my leasson already. I somehow know what our baby needs so I was able to confidently refused them. Only those important things I bought, newborn diapers, alcohol, baby oil, lactacyd baby shampoo, wipes and so on…. I spent less than my first….only Php3.8K! Kasi naman pati, I did not buy clothes as I still have those that JD used. I only bought pajama. Pero kahit na, I still am wiser kasi if not, I would end up grabbing the things those saleslady were offering me.

Tomorrow I will post picture of what I bought for baby tummy 😉