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Don’t Miss Your Child’s School Orientation

**Original posting date: June 2016**

My plan was polished, when Jd starts schooling, I will be the one who’ll send and be with her until her class is over. I didn’t want to miss that moment and see how Jd performs in class. But the unexpected early delivery of baby Kiehl prevented me from doing these ?

June 14 was their orientation I gave birth on June 12, really I still won’t be able to do things for Jd but to stay at home and take care of Kiehl. My husband had no choice but to attend the orientation together with my mother. I was  updated of what was happening. Kids were having their assessments, this is to assess what level do the kids belong. Tracing and coloring were among the activities done by the kids – these will help the teachers categorize where kids belong. Uhm, I wish there were showcasing of their talents, can JD sing? Lol not. This is one talent that I want JD to have, so she can do audition in The Voice Kids with mesa boogie triple rectifier.

I was excited for the result because I know Jd is ready. And she did not fail us, she belongs to those who know how to write and color. She is included in morning session – 730am to 1030am. The other session is 1200nn to 3pm.

Thank you jd for performing well ? I hope you continue performing in school with good grades, we’re always here to guide and teach you 🙂 .

Here’s Jd as she was being assessed.