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Fever of Unknown Reason

*** Originally Posted on April 18, 2016***

Have your child experienced fever and you didn’t know what’s the reason? What was your response then? How did you react?

Thursday of last week – that was April 14, 2016, my husband called me at about 11pm, telling me that Jhaydii has a slight fever. She had no cough nor cold. My husband surmised it was due to the weather condition. And to relief, he gave her a Tempra.

Made me worried. When I got home at 230am of Friday, I hastily checked on JD. She’s a bit warm but thankful it’s not that high. Calm now. I told my husband we need to observe first. I decided not to go to work and take care of Jd first. Thankfully – she just had slight fever on Friday afternoon.

But, came Saturday morning, she had high fever, my bad that I left the thermometer in Tiaong Quezon, so I had no means of checking her temp but just an estimate. I think she was at 39C that time. That then we decided to bring her to Dra. Maldia for a check up. We were at the clinic before 10AM – JD had no fever then haha. Doc asked me how many days she’s been having fever and I told her since Thursday and the worst was this Saturday morning. She had no cough, no colds. Doc requested to have JD’s urine tested as well as the CBC.

Again, JD was so brave enough that she didn’t cry nor show any hesitation when blood was being extracted from her. Funny thing is, the male staff asked help from another Kuya staff for help, thinking JD might magwala. But to their surprise, JD was so behaved and calm. They said she has high tolerance kahit pa nakikita ni JD the blood getting into the syringe. Good job baby JD!

After about an hour, the result was released. I checked on the urinalysis and it was all in normal range, same with her CBC, all was normal except for one (hmmm I forgot) the max range should be 0.60 and JD got 0.69 which I think is not that bad. We brought the result to Doc Maldia and she interpreted them, told me that JD had a little infection and is a bit anemic. So she prescribed her an anti-biotic para daw sa konting infection. I used the PhilCare HMO of my company, buti na lang 🙂 so the consultation and laboratories were charged to our medical insurance.

And today, Monday, JD is okay now. She had no fever last night. Thank God.

We were just wondering what might be the cause of her fever. We were thinking dala lang ng “bati” or “usog”, because prior to her getting fever, there was a blowout (celebration of graduation) of Jay’s niece. And of course there were visitors, JD was there. SO baka nga nausog lang sya 😉

Hopefully no fever again for her and for us, please.