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How to Treat Cough Naturally

I had a post here – Fever of Unknown Reason, Jd that time had on and off fever and we didn’t know why even after we brought her to a pedia for consultation. She had her CBC and urinalysis but everything was normal except for a slight infection according to Doc. After that fever, cough came in and that is maybe the reason why she got fever, nahuli lang and nangingilalim ang ubo nya. We again brought her to her pedia for check up and gave her an antibiotic prescription for a week.

We as much as possible don’t want her to rely on meds when she has cough or colds. We wanted to treat it naturally. So we make sure she is always drinking a lot of water and sometimes calamansi juice. Also – one of the best is the exposure to early morning sunshine. So that’s what we did for 3 days. We woke up at 6am and went to the ricefield to expose Jd as the sun rises.

It was also what tatay did when Jd was just 2 years old, when she had cough, tatay and Jd were on a bike sa madaling araw para masirinuhan sya. Effective way of treating cough.

And here we are riding a cart as we went to the rice field and finding a good spot. Sumakay na lang muna kami so Jd can experience it ? ay si Jd pala riding a carabao with Lolo Erning.


We’re so thankful though that she is healthy and praying ? that she always is. Kahit wala money basta healthy di ba?

Kayo, what’s your natural way of treating your kids’ cough? Please do share ?