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Is Your Toddler Ready for School?

Last 2015, when JD was three, she expressed her zest to go to school. And we were also excited to bring her in. She had her entrance exam at University of Assumption and fortunately she passed. And to really test that she’s ready, we enrolled her at MEDCI for a 2-week summer class. From there we saw that she’s not ready yet. There was no day that we didn’t accompany her inside the classroom, no matter what reasoning we tell her.

And today – April 11, she again had her entrance exam at Our Lady of Guadalupe. Days before that, we told JD that she’d be going to school, we then saw her excitement, this time, excitement with readiness. We told her to listen carefully to the teacher and answer without hesitation. I woke her up at past 7am so we can prepare earlier. Had our breakfast and she really showed she wants to go to school, less kulit this morning.

Fast forward to us getting to the school…. Because it’s only 5 minutes drive from our home, we arrive at the school at 8:30, proceed to the principal’s office (me, daddy Jay and JD). After the exam of a grader girl, our turn came. Jhaydii was asked to sit beside the teacher and they began the oral exam. We seated in front of them. I got a chance to take them a video 😉 First asked was shapes, then numbers and then alphabet. Assessment – JD is advanced and is ready for Kinder 1. Yey!

That moment while watching her answer the teacher’s questions made me a bit teary and at the same time proud. How she’s grown up now. If she’s excited to go to school, we are more than her excited than her 😀 proud parents here.

I can’t wait to see her in her school uniform, and personally bring her in. See her progress and all. I always tell her that she is already four and should never ask us to accompany her inside the classroom like what she did when she had her summer class.

Another milestone of her that I want to share 😉 More to come.

Now, how would you know if your toddler is ready for school? Well personally… here’s my share:

  1.  Wants to buy school supplies for her
  2. Always writes her name on a pad paper
  3. Always writes shapes, tries numbers and other letters
  4. Talks about teacher
  5. She tells us this “Hello everyone, I’m Jhaydii Lieva David. I am four years old. When I grow up, I want to build a castle, a building and a house. Thank You”

How about you, what’s your advice on the toddler getting to school? Please do share. Thanks a lot!