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Reminiscing Jhaydii’s 2015 Summer Class

We’re now based here in Pampanga, my husband’s home. Although it’s 5 hours away from my home in Tiaong, we decided to live here for good, for JD’s benefit. We can choose from many good schools. But of course considering also the distance and safety of our daughter.

 On March 8, JD had an entrance or qualifying examination from University of Assumption, and she passed. UA accepts 3 year old as a nursery student, in time for JD’s age sana. I really wanted here to be in UA, unfortunately, many disagreed because of the distance, it’s 15 minutes drive away from our home.
editing her picture, UA requirement
To spend JD’s summer in Pampanga worthy, and since she wants to go to school already, we enrolled her at MEDCI summer school. It lasted for 2 weeks. We can see the challenge when she already goes to school, she woke up at 6am in preparation for her 8o’clock summer class. On her first day, I was the one who went with her, and nag stay ako sa loob. It’s time to start the class. Parents were advised to leave the room, I talked to JD na kelangan ko na lumabas kasi bawal ang parent. There was no problem, it was okay for her, naiwan ko sya mag isa, while other students did not allow their mother. When everyone was crying, napagaya na si JD, she cried and ran outside and looked for me. Hay, sayang eh, okay na naiwan ko sya, pero nahawa sya sa mga umiiyak. 🙁 So the span of her summer class, I was always there inside, she never want me to leave her.
Prior to taking the summer class, JD was very eager to go to school. She always was telling me she really wanted too. But…but…after her summer class, she know doesn’t want to go haha. That gave me an idea and I realized that she is not ready for schooling yet. When she’s 4, I believe she is now ready and capable to learn new things and socialize.
And now she really needs to go to school since she’s already 4. On Monday – we’re going back to Our Lady of Guadalupe for her entrance exam. We always tell her that she’s already four, and that we don’t need to accompany her inside the classroom – she said yes. And hopefully it happens, that she will allow us to wait for her outside her classroom 😉
One excited mother again here 🙂