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Things You Will Need to Bring to the Hospital

As my due date approaches, I now reviewing what things to pack to be brought to the hospital. I cannot remember what weeks JD was when I prepare my big bag. Perhaps this time, I would prepare it by the time baby tummy turns 36 or 37 weeks 🙂 Too excited huh?

I just want to repost the article I had last 2012 when I was about to give birth to JD. Here it is:

 Too really bad that camera or taking photos inside the delivery room is not allowed in Community General Hospital (San Pablo City Laguna) where I gave birth. I had no photos of me and my baby while I was still looking groggy, filthy and dizzy. I even did not know whether she was placed on my chest or not 🙁 I honestly envied my friends when I see that they have photos with their newly born babies. Anyway, still thankful that I was able to deliver her normally, a fulfilling experience for a mother!
A week or two before I felt the contraction, I already prepared the stuff me and our baby will be needing. I seeked advice from my friends who already gave birth, on what do I need to bring with me to the hospital. She gave a list and I packed it on a traveling bag.
I had;
  • 3 pairs of long sleeves
  • 3 pairs of mittens
  • 3 pieces of binders
  • 3 pairs of panties
  • 3 pairs of pajamas
  • bonnet
  • 2 pcs receiving blanket
  • baby powder
  • baby sacks
  • alcohol
  • cotton
  • camera
  • camera charger
  • netbook 🙂
  • baby diaper
  • maternity napkin
  • betadine feminine wash
  • slippers
Unfortunately, I did not use them – only the diaper was asked from me, and the mittens so as not to cut our baby’s face when she’s scratching. So the next time that I will be giving birth, I know what to bring. I will not be having difficulty bringing on that many stuff in my bag. But I think, it depends on the hospital or place you will deliver, but for me, that’s all they need – diaper, mittens and receiving blanket to swaddle when the baby is released.
siksik na gamit….pero nasa ibaba lang ang nagamit (with arrow)
Diaper is the only stuff asked, and the mittens pala..
Additionally for documents, I prepared my identification cards as well as my husband. But all they asked was our marriage contract (photocopy) for baby’s registration. Since my husband wasn’t here in the country when I gave birth, I personally went to the Records Department of the hospital to register our daughter. Fill out the forms and they gave me the birth certificate showing jhaydii’s footprints.
This hospital birth certificate was actually misspelled, they typed JAHYDII instead of JHAYDII, thankfully this is not valid, this is just a souvenir to keep forever and to show to our daughter.
And now with our second – I surely know what to pack and prepare 😉 Thank you my experience for teaching me. You are a great teacher indeed!

Till then,