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Yeah It’s Time – Welcome Baby Ezekiehl

**Original posting date, June 15, 2016**

I already started my off from work on the 10th of June –  it was also the time of ITO team building, the one that I did not join in. The next day June 11th was our 5th wedding anniversary, it was my pre-natal check up as well. During my check up, Dra. Samonte checked how dilated I was and told me that I was 1 to 2cm dilated. She gave me an admission slip so anytime that I feel the sign I can go to the hospital. She also gave me things to bring, although I prepared some na. I was 126.4 lbs. My next check up would be June 18.

But, noontime of that day, my tummy contracts several times. My in-laws invited us to go to Ventura Memorial Park but I refused because of the frequent contraction of my tummy. And then at 11pm, the contraction with tolerable pain started – 5 to 7 minute intervals. I timed the contraction (shown below) – and I didn’t manage to continue when the pain was intensed. I was able to blog pa Is It Time? while I was in my labor stage.

During those contraction, I tried to breath properly, making my husband so nervous, ano daw nangyayari napapano daw ako. His first time though he wasn’t here when I gave birth to JD. I can still bear the pain, but it got intense at around 2am. 230AM, I told my husband, daddy it’s time, I will take a bath. He boiled me water, while I’m feeling the pain 🙁 It was like baby Kiehl is pushing himself out. After we prepared ourselves, (and oh mabanggit ko lang na I did not forget na maglagay ng kilay kasi sobrang nipis ng kilay ko hehehe….i still did it even I was in pain) we went our way to the hospital, we were with Jay’s sister. I can’t stop yelling and bursting myself because baby was really pushing himself out. Nakapag withdraw pa kami nun ha, so we can have money na ready. We were there at the hospital siguro 3am. And the contraction interval was only 2minutes down to 1 minute. At the emergency room of Mother Theresa of Calcutta Medical Center, we gave them Dra. Samonte’s admission slip. Ako – I bursted in pain while I was being put in a wheelchair. The nurse told me in Kapampangan, wag daw ako umiri. And so mali pala ang ginagawa ko – I was umiiri na since the beginning. Oh em – good thing baby tummy did not come out yet. While they were telling me Kapampangan dialect, I asked them “ano yun?” in loud voice because of the pain. Hehe I’m so sorry, I can’t understand most of Kapampangan words pa. Then I was brought in to the delivery room, the nurse hastily checked how dilated I was, and they panicked – “Ma’am bakit ngayon lang kayo?” “Ma’am wag po kayo umiri, hinga po sa bibig”, sabi ko “Pano?” The 2 nurses in the delivery room panicked because I was fully dilated na, I heard the word crowning. Then I heard them say “Awsan mo na Dra. Samonte (Tawagan mo na Dra. Samonte) crowning na” – “Ma’am sagli mu po ha, panulo ko pa, bakit kasi ngayon lang po kayo dumating” After they’ve put me IV and some medicine, they started to try to push me while Dra. wasn’t there yet. I tried to push, but it was hard. Then Dra. came, “Dhina si Doc to, iri ka na” I tried to push so mga 3 times ata, but to no avail, mali daw pag iri ko, and I was yelling din. They told me, “Ma’am wala pong sound, wag pong maingay, hinga lang po sa tyan yung parang tumatae” And I tried, but why it was wrong pa din. I can feel they were lashing my down there ? pero di ko na din inintindi, all I want is makalabas and ma ipush si baby. Then I breathed deeply, then pushed without sound na parang mapuputol litid ko. Ang hirap grabe. Unlike kay JD, I really did not feel the pain, but this time, yeah with pain but not so much pa din compared to others. Yun finally, I did it! I heard them double cord coil si baby, and thank God I still managed to deliver him normally.

After that, I was feeling some pain pa din – napapa ahhh and sigaw ako sa pain, Dra. was stitching my laceration pala. I was so groggy that I even asked doc “Doc yung mais po”, Doc was wondering what I was asking then I apologized na lang when I realized I was just dreaming.

Baby Ezekiehl came out on June 12, 2016 at 3:41 am, he weighed 2.84kilos or 6.2lbs. I was on my 37th week and 5 days of pregnancy  (JD was 39 weeks when I gave birth to her). Thank God that he’s healthy and we’re both safe ?

kiehl 1

kiehl 3

kiehl 4

That was my funny story again. Inay told me dapat sa 3rd baby marunong na daw ako umiri, sabi ko no 3rd na po ang 2.

We’re now both home. And as of this writing I can’t sleep yet because baby Kiehl wants to be carried always. Whenever I put him down to bed, he wakes up ? buong araw sya kaninang sleep without me carrying him now that I should sleep ayaw nya magpababa, the sacrifice of sleepless night now begins ?