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I Chose to Breastfeed

Wayback time when I was breastfeeding….. Originally posted last August 2016..

I am one of those lucky mamas who is blessed with baby’s food. I did not have problems producing milk and feeding our newborns right away. That is why I choose to breastfeed.

Yes I also breastfed our first born, but when I got back to work and went home only weekly and not everyday, breastfeeding her discontinued, she had formula milk then. And luckily with our second baby, I can now feed him with the milk from me – that is because I go home from work everyday albeit it’s in Pampanga.

I was inspired by my colleague in Xerox who is also breastfeeding. Now I am back to work for two weeks and breastfeeding our son whenever he needs when I’m at home, and when at work, I express milk every four hours. My body gives my 12 ounces of milk, three expressions. Thank you to my company for providing us – breastfeeding mothers, a nursing/lactation room, and mind you ha, pila balde kaming gumagamit. I think we ate six mothers whose using the room. I also enjoy expressing milk, natutuwa ako kapag madami akong naaani hihi.

I choose to breastfeed for several reasons:

  1. It’s a lot of savings than formula milk. That is my no.1 haha. I experienced it with Jhaydii when she had formula milk, we had to allot Php5k to Php6k a month! And now zero And we are in our second month and counting, so more savings for us!
  2. Our baby will be healthier and we’ll be more bonded. I love it when I cuddle or cradle him.
  3. I shed weight quickly! When I was pregnant I weighed 126lbs and trimmed down to 112lbs after one week, I think Kiehl helps me lose more weight. And more to expect! I hope I can get back to my 46kilos haha.
  4. I feed our baby a human food – not animal’s
  5. At night during our sleep, I don’t need to stand up to make him formula milk, I just open my chest while lying! Cool right.

The only disadvantage I can say is when we are out and he gets hungry, although I have a nursing towel to cover us, I sometimes feel reluctant to feed him in public, I’m so not used to it yet. But will definitely get use to it until I can.

Maybe you’d want to know what breast pump I am using? Uh Yes and I will be posting it after this, para naman madami kong post oki 😉

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