Precious Moments Electric Breastpump

The moment I’ve decided to breastfeed, I already thought on what breastpump to use. One colleague who breastpump uses spectra M1 which I often see in facebook – spectra by babymama and made me want to have it too. It’s very pricey at Php7k. I told my husband I want it and will buy it when needed. Came the time that I need the pump, and because spectra can be purchased in Ortigas and we’re in Pampanga, having it is now impossible. Furthermore the wiser and miser mama me thinks that it’s too expensive. So we decided to check at Baby Company in SM.

The sales assistant showed us the Chicco first, then the Avent and Pigeon but none of them sufficed our budget. Luckily, one lady advised and showed us the Precious Moments electric breastpump. She demonstrated how to use it and I liked it. It’s very affordable at Php1,600! So we bought it. I now have something to use to harvest milk ?

precious moment.htm box

At first use, I had a difficulty expressing milk, I only had 1oz, because I am not use to it yet. And then eventually, it went up to 2oz, 3oz then 4oz. I was so happy using it. Although it pained me a bit and it’s so noisy. Expressing 4oz using this pump took me 30 minutes – both breast.

But sadly, when I was about to express milk last Monday August 22, the pump wasn’t functioning anymore. It had sound but did not suck my nippy. I was so worried, I needed to get milk for Kiehl and my breasts were getting heavier. I bid bye to my precious and bought a new one on the same day. It’s a Looney Tunes! I’ll blog about how happier I am buying it ?? meantime let me end this post here and thank you Precious Moments for two months of servicing me.

Ah by the way, maybe you want to know why it gave up. My thinking was because I was putting the motor along with the expressed milk inside the igloo cooler bag with one ice pack. My bad that I didn’t take care of it carefully. The motor needs to stay dry at all times.

Till here,