Breastfeeding in Public? Vex No More!

****pardon the misspelled words, this post is written via mobile phone***

Hah grabe, my two shift in one day is over. I’m feeling so sleepy ? And in order for me to stay awake coz I’m still on my way home – currently at LRT, I decided to have my first post for November ?.

How many times did I mention about me being uncomfortable breastfeeding in public and sometimes reluctant to use the nursing cover because it’s making my little one irritated. I also have done so many research on what to do and wear when feeding our little one, only few suggested the effective way. Good thing we in the Philippines have lots of actresses who also breastfeed, Jolina Magdangal, Marrianne Rivera, Rica Peralejo, Iya Villana, Tony Gonzaga, Nadine Samonte and Jenicca Garcia. I followed them in IG and they’re so proud of being breastfeeding mommas. They post every stuff in their bfeeding journey like the milk they’ve just pumped, the milk stain on their babies’ mouth, lactation goodies and nursing wear! The latter excites me when I saw them wearing a nursing dress that isn’t palpable they’re feeding their babies ? They’re actresses, endorsers and there are lots of online sellers who are very generous enough to give then free stuff and free dresses! It’s really an advantage to tag the sponsors of the things they received, that way every follower would know where they got them so followers can check their sponsors’ profile.

Beneficial indeed! Like what I did when I bought the lactation cookies which they say are very effective in boosting your milk. And now, the nursing dress! When I saw what Jennicca and Nadine are wearing I hastily clicked the sponsor tagged and wow! I was confused what to buy. Until I made up my mind and bought two dresses. Go and visit Mome at @momenursing in Instagram or Facebook – it’s where I bought these. The dresses I ordered? Here you go ?

This dress is sole-length (5’2 tall me) and with a slit on left side
Grabe naman resolution ng iPhone – kitang kita ang lubak lubak ko sa mukha

And Right after I received the items, I quickly opened the package and fitted the dresses and at the same time practiced nursing our baby to check how easy it is to breastfeed! Easy peasy though, the only problem is —- they’re too long enough for me, for a short mama like me haha.


I’ve worn the pink stripes last November 1 at Ventura cemetery. It was proven that the nursing dress is effective, no sweat breastfeeding anymore. Parang karga lang and trying to put into sleep ang bebe, hindi halatang padedemom.

I will post the other dress once I wear it ? Meantime, this pink muna at malapit na ko bumaba. I also DIY’ed one of my long dresses and will post here soon 😉

How about you mama, – are you comfortable nursing your LO in public? Share to us ? your techniques.

Till then,