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Continuing to Breastfeed After Maternity Leave

***orinally posted last September 2016***

Grabe Dhi, paano mo inuuwi breastmilk mo from work to Pampanga?

The words from one of my closest friends that are keep on coming back to me 😉 OO nga naman, how I manage to bring home the expressed milk from work to home. That is from MOA area Pasay City to Mexico Pampanga – traveling for two hours or more if traffic. Imagine that mommies – for the sake of my son’s healthier health, I manage to do it everyday. I want to continue our breastfeeding journey even I’m back to work.

Leaving your newborn at home for work after two months or three is one of the difficult parts of motherhood. Separation is something that needs to be dealt with, the difficulty is aggravated if you are breastfeeding. I am one of those working moms who is dealing with this. I am currently breastfeeding our second born for three months now. I make sure to express breastmilk every three or four hours, I have three sessions each working day, producing an average of 12 oz – 4 oz each session (both breast for maximum of 30 minutes). And another pumping session when I reach home producing at lease 4 oz, so I would have a total of 16 oz expressed milk each day. But I notice that my supply is not enough for our son. Before I leave for work every morning, I refrigerate 4 to 5 frozen stash milk, and then returning home from work, I check the freezer and notice that he drinks more than what I refrigerate. I need to increase my milk 🙁 in order to suffice our son’s need – so he’d be purely breastfed.

So here is the milk I expressed for a day – I think this has a total of 11 oz.

 photo IMG_0673_zpsvpnwbyoc.jpg

And how I bring it home in Pampanga…. I put it in a cooled igloo bag with an ice pack (ordered from for Php25.00).

 photo IMG_0674_zpsikspg1qy.jpg

 photo IMG_0675_zpslkchkjtl.jpg
Viola! Ready to go home this liquid gold…

I tried everything that will increase my milk’s supply, eating oatmeal with milo, drinking yakult and soupy foods, but my milk still has the same result and haven’t increased yet. But… But…. There’s new! I ordered a lactation cookies from Mom’s Basket and hopefully I would have a positive result – that it will increase my milk. Let us see when I have it.

Okay…. Mamas, continuing to breastfeed after maternity leave or while you’re working is hard. You need to invest your time in order to express milk. Don’t you worry, it’s government mandated, you just need to inform your superior about it. My advice is that you continue breastfeeding your baby even you’re back at work, it saves much of your money and makes your child healthier.

Happy breasfteeding!