Breastfeeding Fashion

DIY Nursing Dress by Yours Truly

Buying nursing dress from Mome gave me the idea to DIY the dress I used when I was pregnant. It’s a long dress which I bought at only Php150.00 in Pasay Rotonda – it isn’t palpable that it is that cheap when worn. I love the quality of fabric used.

Because it’s too long to wear, I decided to cut it short and create a nursing dress out of it. I also am a patient hand-sewer so I had no problem re-creating it. Yun nga lang, I had to sneak some time at home during weekend while the baby is sleeping, at the same time I am singing him love songs like what a nashville tuning does, so he won’t wake up easily. And I finished it after 2 weeks! Hooray!

This is how the dress looked like – too long for me but I enjoyed wearing this light comfy fabric long dress.

Maternity Dress Turn into Nursing Dress

Tada!!! And I have the guts to cut it and make a nursing dress. I cut a big hole at the breast part and make the cut fabric as a cover wrapped around the dress.

Ready to sew

And yey! Here I am wearing the nursing dress I hand-sewn. I was at the church here and breastfed our baby while waiting for the mass to start. Is it obvious that I am nursing?

at the church
Breastfeeding at the church

Because of that, I want to DIY again some of my dresses. Ang saya mag breastfeed ng walang iniisip na sasabihin ang taong makakakita. It feels great to nurse our baby in public because it isn’t obvious. And I am very confident to stand up like that!

How about you mamas, how do you breastfeed in public? What are your techniques and what do you do to feel more comfortable without thinking what public will say? Dare to share!