Foods to Boost Your Breastmilk

Well, this is one of the topics that interests me most nowadays. I am always reading articles about it – on how to increase my breastmilk.

Prior to joining the Breastfeeding Pinays facebook group, I only knew that eating malungay and soupy foods will give you more milk, and drinking more water of course. I stuck to it. Until my friend told me to join the BFP group – from there, I learned a lot of things and most of the questions on my mind have been answered. They say yakult, milo andΒ  oatmeal will boost your milk, I tried all these! But the output is still the same, 3oz to 5oz per express. Honestly, I produce that amount even without taking those foods. And since I wanted to pump more because I feel that my supply for Kiehl is not enough, I wanted to increase my milk – just like those that produces more than 4oz in one session. Grabe lang, nakakainggit ang mga mommies who are able to pump more than 6oz in 10minutes πŸ™ kaya I am wishing na ganun din ako.

I am following Bianca Gonzales in instagram, and peeking Helga’s, from there I learned about how effective the lactation cookies in increasing the breastmilk – so again, I tried it! I ordered from Mom’s Basket the chocolate chip cookies for Php389, 28pieces and is good for a week supply. I hastily ate it when I received it, and it’s very yummy! I was imagining the overflowing milk na mapoproduce ko after I ate it. Haha pero still – NO EFFECT. They say wait for several days for it to take effect, pero wala pa din. Same pa din ang output ko, 3oz, 4oz and pag sinwerte, 5oz. Lactation cookies now X for me.

Yummy Lactation Cookies from Mom’s Basket

Β Β Β  IMG_0687Β Β Β Β  IMG_0690

Okay – let us try another. I always see a lot of mommies posting in BFP group how malunggay tea helps them boost their milk. I looked at it in Robinson pero wala yung kagaya ng pinopost nila sa facebook – so I had the powdered malunggay tea na lang. And the result????? Nothing hahaha πŸ˜€


O sige, another tea which many inays are telling super effective daw…. The M2 malunggay tea, can be bought online daw and at the Robinsons. I was looking for it in Robinsons Pampanga but nil. And luckily last Friday, October 21, as I passed by the SM Hypermarket in Mall of Asia I saw it na! Yey – Friday kasi kaya madami delicacies. I bought 2 bottles for Php250 each. Dahil gusto ko na madami ako maiuwi for baby Kiehl, naka 1L ako nainom that day. ANd wow to my imagination… I was planning to ask from my co-breastfeeding mama a milk storage kasi I was expecting madami ako mapa pump. I was imagining that I will be expressing more than 6oz because of drinking it…. And tada! First pump was 3oz, I haven’t drank tea yet, it’s okay lang kasi kadarating ko lang nun in the office. On my second pump, which is 2.5 hour interval from my last pump, I had 3.5 oz, okay lang din kasi short time. And then I had the M2, 1L, and to add, I had not pump for 5 hours, so expected ko talaga na makapump ako ng more than 4oz nun. But huhubels mga mama, my imagination of using more than one milk storage and pumping more than 6oz milk did not happen. I was really disappointed, kasi lalo umunti na express ko. Dapat I will have more than 5oz given that I did not pump for 5hours. But I only had 4oz πŸ™

The M2 Malunggay Tea
These were the milk I expressed on October 25, 2016. Super laki ng difference and ang effect ng water for me. I was able to express more with water lang, and less when I drank the M2 malunggay tea.

I also tried the mother’s milk tea, fenugreek tablet and moringay powder given to me by my officemate, but still, negative πŸ™


Kaya yan mga mama, taking anything that they say will help boost milk is not for me πŸ™‚ For others yes and wow for you mamas!

One thing I’m really sure of… only drinking plenty of water will help me boost my milk. And that I don’t need to have sobra sobrang milk, I am producing just enough for our baby. I have stash of 9 to 10 containers of 4oz of breast milk in our freezer, good for 2 days. Basta wag lang mawala milk ko, I am so happy na! He’s drinking 4 to 5 containers daily. And I hope I can sustain pa din and he’d be purely breastfed.

This is the usual milk I am producing nung purely water lang ang intake ko πŸ™‚ plenty right? Expressed in 20 minutes!


Very happy breastfeeding our son, and will continue until I can. Here he is πŸ˜‰

Taken at Robinsons Baby and Mother Lounge (Nursing Room)

And our lovely 4 year old daughter

Lovely Ate Jhaydii at Pizza Hut
I feel so blessed having them, and breastmilk is a bonus na. Fact: I only breasfed our eldest during her first and half month.

To summarize, here are the foods I tried and they say will help boost your milk.

  1. Drinking plenty of water
  2. Malunggay Leaves
  3. Soupy foods
  4. Malunggay Tea (powdered of the M2)
  5. Lactation Cookies
  6. Fenugreek tablet

Additionally, we need to eat healthy mamas so we’ll be feeding our babies healthily as well.

Happy breastfeeding mamas!