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I Breastfeed at the Mall

I am one mama who is not comfortable with breastfeeding in public. I can by using a nursing cover.

I remember when we were at church, Kiehl was sleepy but he’d fall into sleep with the help of dedeing. I was ready, I was wearing a crossover blouse and a shawl. We were also seated where the wall fan blows hard hehe. That made me easy to breastfeed him, it was not palpable, it was just like I was cuddling him. And he fell into sleep. Easy as that!

But sometimes Kiehl is hard to put into sleep and even dedeing won’t help. Like last Sunday when we were at the Robinsons Starmills Pampanga, we attended the mass there, and oh yes I was able to breasfeed him while at the mass, using a shawl again. After the mass, he woke up, he had very little sleep. And then we went to Pizza Hut for our lunch. At first he was okay, but since he had a short sleep, he cried and I breastfed him, but he was still crying. My husband told me bakit daw hindi yung malaking nursing cover gamitin ko para hindi ma expose breast ko – eh hindi naman masyado expose kako, and Kiehl will become more fussy kasi mainit. But he cried loudly kahit dumedede na sya. We stood up and brought him out of the Pizzs hut, hinele hele ko and he stopped crying. He was very sleepy lang kasi kaya kahit anong pafeed ko eh he still was crying. I took the opportunity to eat while he wasn’t crying anymore. Paspas ako mga mama. Jay was helping me to strip off my food para makakain ako, I was cuddling Kiehl din kasi so I was eating with one hand only – mahirap for me.

After I ate, I told my husband I breastfeed Kiehl in the mall’s breastfeeding room. I tole him to wait for me at the grocery store na.

So we went up to the second level where the breastfeeding room is located. It’s called Baby Care Lounge. There was no one there kaya nakapagpicture ako inside 🙂 Kiehl was just sleepy kaya we’re there for few minutes only. He’s like – dede, stop, look at me…dede, stop, look at me…. saglit lang na ganyan sya. And then poop! He pooped! Sus, natatae lang din pala haha… Good thing we were there sa station, I was able to change diaper na din. But because ubos na wipes namin, water from the faucet nagamit ko to wash him, medyo naiiyak sya because it was cold.

Here are the only photos I took inside 🙂

Baby Care Lounge
The Baby Care Lounge
Baby Care Lounge 2
What’s Inside
Baby Care Lounge 3
This is us! And the happy baby Kiehl!

And we were solved! Problem no more, although he did not sleep yet. At the grocery  store, I saw Jay and JD. And while walking, hinele hele ko Kiehl and then he finally fell into sleep. No more crying.

Kaka stress mga mama! Breastfeeding is hard talaga. But I still love it because I am giving our son the best milk in the whole world.

Kayo, are you comfortable breastfeeding in public?