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Looney Tunes Electric Breast Pump

And yeah – here’s another post for the new electric breast pump I’m using right now. As promised 🙂 So far so good and performs better than the Precious Moments. There is no pain and it’s not as noisy as the PM – although there still is a sound and vibration. I am amazed on how great the Looney Tunes breast pump is. It automatically shuts off after thirty minutes of using it.

Na-rattle talaga ako when Precious Moments EP gave up, kaya naman kahit at work I went to SM Dept Store to buy a new one, buti na lang it’s near the office kaya it’s not that a problem. I don’t know how to hand express din kasi kaya I opted to buy a replacement. No regrets – because it pumps really good. I’m sharing here a video on how it works 😉

Looney Tunes Electric Breast Pump
Hover over this picture and click to see the video

Can you see how it sucks my nips and how flowy my milk is? That is why I love this cheap yet good quality breast pump Looney Tunes. This one is recommended 😉 It only costs Php2K (original price is Php2,500.00). So cheap right?

And here’s what I produced.

 photo IMG_0491_zpszoarinzd.jpg

The milk I produced at work.

 photo IMG_0492_zpsod76tjd8.jpgAs I’ve said, I feel very happy every time I pump more milk and wishing to continue the breastfeeding journey as much as I can.

Well, I hope this breast pump won’t give up agad agad, I hope this lasts for long.

Till here mamas,