Breastfeeding Fashion

Mama Dhy Needs Nursing Dress

Before, it was maternity dress, and now, nursing dress… unstoppable need of a mom who at the same time does breastfeeding.

I successfully went through my maternity period having no problem what clothes to wear, given I’m also working in a corporate world, the need for corporate attire and at the same time a maternity was there. But thankfully, I surpassed it! Thanks! 😉 (grabe, I always mention this pero wala ako feedback from them haha, ganito kasi hindi kilala ang blog ko ayt!) But, the moment I’ve decided to continue breastfeeding, I know the need for functional dress will not end during pregnancy. I realized this when I we go out and the need to nurse my baby arises. I have a nursing cover, given by my sister-in-law, and I bought another one from – I thought those were enough, I thought covering my breastfeeding session is enough. But then, although I have cover, choosing the right clothes is also important. Dapat yung madali itaas, dapat yung hindi mahirap buksan… That is why, I always a loose shirt, or a buttony or cross-over blouse/dress.

Parang ito – when we were in Vista Mall and suddenly baby Kiehl became hungry and I fed him while we were in Puregold. Buti hindi bawal, pinaupo pa kami ng security guard so it will be easy for me to breastfeed.



And this one – a cross over dress during our baby’s Christening.I breastfed him for a short time when we were in the church. image

Pero I did not breastfeed him in the reception, medyo busy kasi to entertain visitors. We brought with us 2 bottles of expressed milk. But 8oz was not enough for him. He cried when the lunch was almost over and visitors were starting to leave. Buti na lang (sighed!) And I breastfed him again when we were in the van na, so family ko na lang ang andun 😉

The same dress I wore when I was 8 months pregnant.

baby boy

When we were attending mass naman last Sunday, I wore a cross-over blouse so it won’t be hard for me to breastfeed. So ayun na nga, Kiehl got hungry and I was ready, I only had my shawl as a cover, mas convenient kesa sa nursing cover kasi ready na sya, it’s on my shoulder already. unlike with nursing cover that I need to put it on pa when needed.

With that, I realized a bad need to a more convenient nursing dress. Yung mas okay na hindi na need icover and not palpable that I am breastfeeding. Ewan ko ba, I am still not confident doing it in public 🙁

Makwento ko nga…. The last time we were at the health center for baby’s vaccine, it was our turn, and baby was crying. So proud pa ako na magbreastfeed with cover, in front of the midwife (ata). Then the midwife removed my nursing cover and said in Kapampangan dialect  “bat mo pa tinatakpan, kita mo oh pawisan na baby mo”. The other lady who was also an assistant there threw a comment “pinagawa pa yata nyan tela parang apron eh, nagpapadede din ako” she told me… Hindi kaya nya alam ang nursing cover? Medyo I was humiliated that time pero I did not respond sa mga sinabi nila. I was not confident breastfeeding in public kahit pa mga babae pa kaharap ko. Sorry po to breastfeeding moms 🙁 I really can’t expose my boobies to feed my son. Kahit nga sa bahay lang – I need to go to our room to privately nurse him.

Kaya naman, I need nursing dresses so I will be more confident nursing outside. Kasi it really isn’t obvious eh, it’s like you are only carrying your baby. Like this one wears by Jennica Garcia from Mome (pero wait, I am asking for her permission pa to post her picture here ;).

Ang ganda and fashionable ng dresses that she wears from Mome – and I am planning to purchase so it will be easy for me to breastfeed in public! (paulit ulit?!) Not only from Mome, but also elin – kaso, it’s more affordable sa first than the latter..

Hmmm…. any sponsor? 🙂 I’ll be glad to accept if there’s any haha…