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Nursing Mama at Monasteryo de Tarlac

Hi mothers, mommies, mamas and inays! How have you been lately?

Well me, I’m okay and now at LRT again so here’s my blogging hand again. ?

Okay – last Sunday we attended a mass at Monasteryo de Tarlac, a church located at the mountain of hmmm I don’t know the town but it’s at Tarlac. An hour and half drive away from our home in Mexico, not the ?? Mexico country but Mexico Pampanga.

We’ve been there many times because my in laws are always inviting us to go there with them. It’s my 4th or 5th time I think. Sadyain kasi talaga sya. It’s somehow like the Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban Quezon – they both have a huge Jesus’ figure. But kinda different the way the masses are celebrated. I appreciated how Monasteryo de Tarlac does then in Lucban but it’s not right to compare naman talaga. Why, because Monarchs are the ones celebrating and holding the mass wherein there’s also a healing session in the end. Tsk – okay na to, basta both offer a uniqueness ?

Last Sunday we again went there and it was Kiehl’s first time (he’s four months). And it was also my first time to breastfeed there. I was worried before how will I nurse and only have a nursing cover. But then after my breastfeeding moment last November 1 in Ventura wherein I wore a nursing dress, I vexed no more again. This time I wore the other dress I ordered from Mome. I was very happy that breastfeeding had no hassle and that I did it comfortably and confidently. Did it because of the fashionable nursing dress from Mome again. No worries talaga nursing in public.


This is how it actually looks like – with a big hole underneath the upper part. (Click the photo to visit Mome’s FB page)


Dahil dyan, napaorder uli ako from her. Got two blouses yesterday! Dapat pala noon ko pa nalaman si Mome when I wad still pregnant para I can wear pa din the maternity slash nursing slash business dress di ba? Pero oks lang yun – exclusively for breastfeeding journey ko na lang.

okidoki ito na muna for now and will post another about naman the blouses I ordered ?