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Simple Tips to Increase Pumping Breastmilk

Yeah, it’s really my tips 🙂 Because I personally experience and am doing it and here I am to share with you breastfeeding mama who pump at work my hacks or tips to increase the breastmilk you pump.

I am an average milk producer, just enough for our baby kiehl. I express 3 to 4 ounces per session every 3 hours. I bring home 3 bottled breastmilk of say average of 4oz each na lang. Sometimes I have 5 but it’s very rare.

And because I wanted to increase it, I am doing the following:

  1. Reposition the pump you’re using. After some minutes of pumping and you notice that it’s no longer flowing, try repositioning your breastpump in a way that some part of your breast would be expressed. Effective yan mga mama. Minsan pa nga mas malakas pa magflow yung milk after repositioning.
  2. Gently massage your breast while pumping. Really effective for me. When the milk flow is very konti na lang, I massage and pressed my breast while pumping and sirit uli yung milk. Nakakahappy yan mama.
  3. Don’t time your pump. I mean you don’t need to time each breast, they say 15 minutes each breast. Not for me. What I’m doing is, upon noticing that the flow is slow or wala na after ko din nyan ng massage and repositioning, turn of the other breast naman and do the same, reposition, massage then if wala na I pump again the first breast and wow,  again – it flows ng madami pa din. Then after that, change breast again. Sometimes I have 4 to 5 times of switching until wala na talaga mapiga and my breasts are empty na.
  4. Drink lots of water. Actually I’ve tried foods to boost my milk but I have proven that no one is effective but water – lots of water. Yeah I tried M2 malunggay tea and it increased my pumped milk a bit – by one or two ounces sometimes – pwede na ;).
  5.  And lastly, be happy and stress-free while pumping. Grabe this is super super effective, yesterday I had 6oz and 5oz in my second and last session. I just had lots of water and was enjoying my pumping session. Kasi sino ba namang hindi matutuwa when you see the overflowing milk di ba? Stress affects the milk supply. When I’m like that, I can only have 3oz. I remember one of my colleagues shared that during month end close, no milk was flowing out no matter how hard she tried to pump, grabe ang effect ng stress of month end sa kanya hehehe.

and ?? prayer… Pray that you may have overflowing milk for your baby…

And I’m very happy to share these bottles I pumped yesterday. Why not today pala? Because I was a bit stressed and had 4oz each lang per session. So let me share the yesterday’s output…pumped within 30 minutes with 3 hours of not pumping.


Super duper happy si mama dhy because of that output. It’s gold kasi so every single drop counts. I want our baby Kiehl to be purely breastfed – kaya I pray that my milk sustains Kiehl’s need.

By the way, I am using a Looney Tunes electric breast pump (hover over the link to read my review).

Kayo po, what are your tips or techniques to get more milk? Dare to share?