Tour to Our Nursing Room

Hello October! Please be good to us 😉

Don’t reprimand me Xerox for posting how our nursing room looks like 😀

When I wasn’t still nursing and still pregnant, I always wondered how the nursing room looks like, what inside it. I wanted to peek and see it. Now that I am expressing everyday in it, I thought of sharing it to you guys.

It is not big, the room is just enough for those who will express milk, one at a time. I had no idea that it was that small, I was imagining the room is huge.


Here is our nursing room in panorama shot

There’s sink, 2 chairs and mini refrigerator.


There’s also posters of babies and other pictures or guidelines on breastfeeding.


Cute babies to inspire the breastfeeding, pumping and expressing mom like me 🙂 Aside from these cuty babies are the posters about breastfeeding, steps on how to hand express, how long is the breast milk storage and benefits of breast feeding.

I am proud to say that I am almost 4 months into it – breastfeeding and would like to sustain as long as I have the liquid gold. Who wouldn’t be proud to continue breastfeeding – my baby boy can stand with help and strong neck.

Looney Tunes BP


So that’s my electric breast pump – Looney Tunes which I reviewed here – Looney Tunes Electric Breast Pump. I am using it for two months now. And wow to the last milk I pumped – and pinakamarami kong naani in my entire breast pumping journey, with 3 hour interval from my last pumping on that day. Saya di ba? Busog na busog si baby Kiehl.

So that’s what I now do in my job, work….pump…work….lunch…pump….work….pump….. Time consuming but kelangan eh. And I always am happily going home kasi I always have pasalubong for our son 😉 liquid gold from mama!

How your company nursing room looks like? Can you also share?