Baby Breastfeeding

What to Feed at 6th Month

Time wanes so quick really. Parang kailan lang ang liit liit ni baby Kiehl and I was spending most of my time with him for two months, breastfeeding him to give him the best nourishment he needs. And now, I am back to work, pumping three times a day so I can continuously provide him the best food. By this, it also means that he is nearly 6 months – he will be turning 6 months in 6 days! I cannot imagine how fast time flies – from a tiny newborn weighing 2.84kgs to a cheeky squishy infant weighing 6.8kgs (last weighed November 17, 2016 when he’s 5 months) 🙂 He’s actually light compared to other infants of his age, but still on track so nothing to worry.

Here are his latest photos – taken at Moderno Food Park Pampanga last December 4, 2016.

moderno kiehl 3

moderno kiehl 2

As he turned 5 months, he becomes fond of holding things of his reach and putting them on his mouth – kaya very cautious kami of all the things na pwede nya maabot. It was also the time also where he shows that he’s ready to eat solid. I want to follow pedia’s advice to give him solid on his 6th month. That is why no matter how many times he attempted to grab our plate, we never give him anything yet.

Now, 6 days is fast approaching. Kaya we’re excited to give Kiehl food. So what to feed at 6 month aged infant?

Here’s what we have in mind:

  • Avocado (if already available)
  • Mashed banana with breastmilk
  • Mashed potato
  • Mashed camote

Haha – that’s what we have in mind. I hope my breast milk supply won’t drop when we start to give him solid. I still want to nurse him until I have supply.

I just want to share you din this M2 Malunggay tea experience. I bought another 1L bottle from SM Hypermarket in MOA – for Php250.00. Two hours later after I took it, I pumped and wow, I had this 150ml, I normally have 120ml per pump. Yan, effective na for me the M2. Will drink it regularly!

M2 malunggay tea

How about you mama, what were the foods you give or introduce to your baby when they reached 6 months? Please share 🙂