Kiehl’s First Food

On December 11, a day before Kiehl turns 6 months – we fed him with what we learned is the best food for babies., avocado 😉 And it’s not a season of this fruit these days, I found some at the supermarket. Ang mahal nga lang!


Albeit pricey, go lang for our baby.

Here he is enjoying his food. Hindi sya makahintay and he’s super ata kumain…

first food

And here’s the video, good thing I captured him… Hover over the picture below to direct you to the video source, then hit play button 😉


Since the beginning of his eating solid journey, we already gave him banana (his favorite) but made him a bit difficulty pooping, sweet potato, oatmeal banana flavor, squash and he didn’t like it, potato – just so so and gabi which he also likes.

I will not give him more of the banana because he cried when he’s pooping – tinitibi sya huhu… Kawawa sya, it took him two days before those food came out, with matching slight yell and iyak, na nung huli ang lakas ng iyak nya bago pa lumabas yung poop nya :’-( Too sad really.

So far he’s no problem eating solid.

KAyo po mamas, what was your baby’s first food?