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Meet Our Little Lady – Jhaydii

I’ve been blogging about my breastfeeding journey and our son Kiehl, I missed to share something about our eldest, Ate Jhaydii.

So while I’m again here commuting via LrT, I want to share with you how is our eldest going.   Maybe some pictures will do haha.

Jhaydii is five years old and now a K2 (kinder 2) at one of the Catholic schools in Pampanga. She is doing well in school ?, with High Honors on the 3rd quarter. Madaldal, nagmamadali in answering seatwork or exams,  sometimes say “teacher alam ko na po yan” every time her teacher discusses topic she already knew – these are the negative things her teacher told us. Grabe no….  We always tell her not to talk too much para di sya maging madaldal, don’t say teacher alam ko na po yan if she knows the answer and don’t rush in anawering, read and think – ang advice namin sa kanya. Mamememorize na nga nya kasi paulit ulit na kami pagsasabi sa kanya. And we hope she obeys us.

First Day of School – June 16, 2016

She learns to speak Kapampangan when we started to live in Pampanga for good last March 2013. But eventually refused to speak it when she learned to speak knEnglish (naks I am proud) Salamat sa pagka addict nya sa you tube for always watching Maya and Hulyan you tube channel – she now fluently speaks pure English when we are conversing. Talk to her in English and she’ll answer you the same, pero pag Tagalog mo sya kinausap syempre Tagalog din sagot nya. Nakaka amaze lang because she learned to construct sentences by her own and with correct grammar. Sometimes she speaks in Brit accent dahil kina Peppa pig naman. Kaya I am still allowing her to watch you tube because from there she learned a lot.

JD 3
At the Monasteryo de Tarlac – November 2016

JD 2

at the clinic
At Clinic – November 2016

Now – disadvantage naman is whatever toys she sees from you tube, she wants us to buy them for her. Minsan puntahan nya yung toy sa toy store and we didn’t know what she wants yun pala nakikita nya sa you tube. Kemamahal naman tapos ang liliit.

She has coin banks – hello kitty and minion. They’re both almost full and Jhaydii always says that she has money to buy toys and that she will go to America to buy toys na sinasabi kong wala dito sa Pinas. Parang ang dali lang pumunta dun anak!

coin bank

As an older sister to her baby brother, wala syang selos. I can even trust her looking after her brother kapag maliligo ako Or whenever I’m doing something. And she gets mad every time I’m pretending to scold Kiehl “why are you mad he is still a baby?” Teary eyes pa sya nyan. And I’m very happy na ganyan sya sa kapatid nya.

JD with Kiehl
At Monasteryo de Tarlac – November 2016

One time she was watching Phineas and Ferb (ano kasong spelling) meron dun magkapatid wherein the young boy was about to fall and Phineas had a toy na kelangan habulin. Torn between the two – Phineas chose to save her brother. I asked Jhaydii – “if Kiehl is about to fall and you have a toy, who will you save?” Sagot ba naman “kiehl is heavy I can’t get him” ? natawa na lang ako sa reason nya.

sa duyan
Looking after Kiehl

Pero hindi din mawawala na sasakit ang ulo namin sa kanya. It’s normal bata eh. She sometimes hindi nakikinig kelangan how many times ireiterate for her to hear and obey us. Pero I know her katigasan ng ulo slightly is dala lang ng pagkabata nya. And we never get tired of disciplining her para hindi sya pasaway paglaki nya.

She’s sweet as a whole. Everytime she sees flower kahit gaano pa kaliit yan or kahit nasa sementeryo pa kayo, she’d pick it up and give it to us. She even gave her teacher one time na hinatid ko sya sa school nila. Natuwa naman si teacher, ano daw flower yun.

What else do I need to share hmmm… That’s it for now. Wish ko this 3rd quarter is she’d be in top 5 na (keep on praying mama dhy).



Kayo po – how are you with your daughter and how do you discipline them? 😉