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Ate JD’s Costly Dental Work

***Oroginally posted last May 31, 2017**

Grabe, we never thought that Jhaydii’s teeth would cost that much….

I now regret na we didn’t care to bring her to the dentist regularly or shall I say, we haven’t bring her to the dentist yet on her early age.

She complained her tooth was aching, and when I checked, I noticed that her molar has a big hole ang lalim na ng butas, that must be the reason why she’s feeling the pain. And a lot more sirang ipin na molar pa.

On May 11, we decided to bring her to the dentist accredited by our health insurance. It was at Dental Makeover Center at Dolores San Fernando Pampanga, by Dr. Ranil Pineda. He checked Jhaydii’s teeth and told us that either partial root canal or pasta will be performed. But that is after she gets Xrayed. Doc just cleaned her  teeth which is covered by the insurance.



We had her xray last Saturday, May 27. And wow, I was amazed of the structure. Her permanent teeth ate waiting underneath her milk teeth. Ganun pala yun! The xray was Php900 – a panoramic view xray.

Looks like she’s driving
Doing the Panoramic View Xray
Hover over the picture and click then play to watch the video via
Amazing teeth! Bat daw ang daming teeth sabi ni hubby 😀

After the xray, we brought the copy to the dental clinic on the same day.

We got back for Jhaydii’s appointment on May 29. Our turn at 130pm. Dr. Pineda discussed me of Jhaydii’s dental condition, this and that. That her molar teeth with deep hole needs to have a partial root canal procedure, pasta can’t be done kasi masyado na daw malalim yung butas and hindi kakayanin ni Jd. So okay – go with the partial root canal kasi she was crying in pain na talaga the night before her appointment. The dentist told us na hindi advisable to extract at her age kasi at the age of 9 pa tutubo yung permanent teeth and will cause sungki kapag binunot agad.

Ate Jhaydii before the procedure

Me: (After doc discussed Jhaydii’s teeth condition) Doc how much po partial root canal?

Doc: Partial root canal is 2500 then pasta pa sya or build up which is 1500, so 4000 lahat, unfortunately hindi sya covered mg insurance. May mga need pa pong ipasta pero tingnan natin mamaya kung kakayanin.

And wow, I was shocked of the price. Gusto ko sana mag back out pero naisip ko how painful it is for Jhaydii. Ang sakit kaya ng masakit ang ngipin di ba?

Me: ? (Nag isip if kasya ba pera namin and naisip din na hindi na makatulog ang baby girl namin sa sakit) sige po doc (while pinagpawisan ako dahil sa presyo)

I was asked to sit and wait for the procedure to finish. I can hear that Doc was making Jhaydii feel comfortable with the procedure, asking everything and Jhaydii responded back. Then after maybe 30 to 45 minutes I was called back to check the result.

Doc: Mommy wala po ako masabi, ang tapang po pala ni baby very brave sya. Wala pong naging problema. So ito po mga ginawa, na partial root canal na and na pasta ko na din po tong 3. Dineretso ko na din po kasi nakita ko kaya naman nya at walang problema. So ginamit na po lahat ng covered ng insurance nyo (nyak ubos na) Very good po sya mommy.

Me: Ah opo very brave po yan

Doc: And eto po mommy candidate po dor partial root canal, 2 po sa itaas and ito pong isa sa ibaba. At may mga for pasta pa po pero ubos na po insurance (will wait for the renewal na lang para libre pasta uli)

Me: Wow doc 12,000 po yun saka na lang po.

Kakatakot naman the price and yet mapapalitan din sila when Jhaydii turns 8 or 9. Daig pa braces ko!

Anyway. Good job for our baby. Another brave moment na naman nya. First was when her chin was stitched next was when blood was extracted from her and finally on her first dental procedure – one partial root canal and 3 pasta (nakakangilo magpapasta di ba). Clap clap!

JD sira teeth
Before Root Canal

after rooth canal

No more pain after this. And for the rest pf decayed teeth, we advised her to always brush her teeth para di completely masira.

That was her costly first dental procedure.

Update: My colleague said kid’s dental care is really pricey, thus we need to include it in our budget.