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Breastfeeding in Public is Easy with Nursing Dresses from Elin, Mome and Debbie & Company

I saved money for not buying formula milk, but I spent some to invest on breast pump and nursing dresses haha…

But no regrets, as these dresses made my breastfeeding in public so easy and comfortable. Besides being to fashionable, I can also don them at work.

Here are the items I bought online

From Mome

Got these dresses – the pink and blue from Mome which both cost Php650.00

Mome Pink
Justine Pink Dress- S at Php650.00
Mome Blue
Dolly S at Php650
Mome 3
from Mome – Jessie S at Php450.00

Mome nursing wear are affordable. But the cloth quality is not as nice as Elin or Debbie. You need to wash with extra care because it’s kinda delicate 😉

From Elin

I love Elin products. The quality is so nice, the tela is not cheapepay… From my pregnancy stage to nursing, I have Elin. Below are the items I bought which I originally posted here – Nursing Dresses from Elin.

Elin 2
Carrie Nursing Dress XS – Php875.00
Elin 1
Basic 3/4 at Php450

kamay ni Hesus
Basic 3/4 at Php450

Elin dresses are loved! I feel so confident and pretty haha while wearing them. Breastfeeding with Elin is so comfortable and fashionable. The price is worth it….

From Debbie & Co.

Debbie & Co
Luna Medium at Php850

Luna has a nice fit on me. However, the cloth is not so stretchable so nursing while wearing it is not so comfortable. I need to hold the top (covering) so it won’t get to my baby’s face.

From among these three different online sellers, I most love to own more from Elin 😉 It’s where the price, quality and fashion are combined. I get to be satisfied and confident wearing them.

They however have their own and different styles, and of course target market. So they operate and sell accordingly.

The epitome, I love wearing them all 😉 Because I can breastfeed in public with these dresses!

Kayo mamas, what are your breastfeeding essentials? Share it!!