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DIY Hair Cut

Yes! I did it again! Doing my daughter’s haircut for the second time.

We were actually planning to have our hair cut together  last Saturday after her fun activities. But because it was already passed lunch time we were not able to visit a parlor. I was imagining the two of us pa naman sitting at a chair and kuya baklas are cutting them, and while baby Kiehl is with his daddy.

But did not happen.

So on Sunday, when we went to Puregold just in front of Jd’s school, scissors were one of the items I put in the basket which costs Php70.00, I will be the one to cut Jd’s hair.

Before lunch time and before she took a bath, I   started the session.

In no less than 5 minutes, her hair was done. The almost waist-length hair is now shoulder-length. Haha I did it!





Her first haircut was at Cuts for Tots in SM Pampanga and it costed Php300+ if I remember it right. She was one year old then. Then next was at David’s Salon in SM San Pablo costed aroung Php200- and she was 2 1/2 years old.

See… I saved a lot doing her hair. And I will do it until she wants and as long as I can. Even it’s just a simple trim, I know it leaves something in my daughter’s heart, she will remember it when she’s grown up.

It’s summer and she’s perspiring a lot. Her head is always wet and the smell isn’t so good, thus cutting it short is the best solution.

How about you mommas, do you also cut your kids hair?

Try it!