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Got Boils Inside My Nose

Last Friday March 10 2017, my nose started to be reddish and BIG.

“I have a pimple inside my nose and it’s so painful” sabi ko sa mga officemates ko.

I laughed at the way  how my nose looked. I told myself buti mag weekend na and it will soon disappear.

pimple kuno

Came weekend, I felt so exhausted. I had a headache the whole day because of my nose. I took bioflu and felt so sleepy the whole time. To add, my kids woke up at 5am! Too early for Saturday huhu, I was planning to get up at 8 but did not happen because the two were already active and didn’t allow me to sleep again ?? Ang ending – puyat and really sleepy.

I was supposed to review my daughter for their 4th quarterly exam but really I was feeling so exhausted that I think all I did was sleeping. Sorry baby.

Came Sunday – it got worse. I again wasn’t able to review Jhaydii. I slept! Oh I reviewed her an hour before we slept.

Then workday again. I decided to have my nose checked as I had a strong feeling it wasn’t just a plain pimple.

Paalam kay boss… Fortunately there is an accredited clinic located in MoA where I can go into. So I headed to Borough Clinic and was checked up at around 3pm by an ENT doctor.


Findings…. yes it’s a boil. Because there’s pus being secreted inside, my head hurts and my nose felt warm.

Doc said it’s the right thing to do – to have it checked because nose is a delicate part as it directly connected to brain. And if it gets infected – deretso sa brain.

He prepared the prescription and discussed about the antibiotic that I am about to take. I asked him if it’s good to breastfeed while taking it and he said naku hindi pwede, yung pinaka strong ang ibibigay ko sayo. He advised me to stop nursing 🙁 .

I bought the medicines from Watsons.

Pero sayang, I don’t want to stop breastfeeding baby kiehl.

I remember kasi my OB gave me the same clindamycin when I got boils a month after I gave birth, sa pwet naman yun grabe and 3x ha. One after the other. Waaa so painful!

Because I don’t want to believe ENT doctor and I still want to continue breastfeeding, I asked my friend’s help to contact her pedia as I don’t have a contact number of my babies’ pedia. The advice – asked the ENT doctor if he can prescribe me a different medicine that is suitable for breastfeeding mama like me. Pero nabili ko na ang gamot huhu! It’s Php38.50 each!! 21 pcs nga yung nireseta ni Doc eh and because it’s mahal, I opted to buy only 9 pieces plus the ointment…

So, to make sure that I can continue while taking the antibiotic, I searched at BFP group (breastfeeding pinay FB group) the word Clindamycin… And swerte there are lots of mothers who were asking if this one is safe to take for bfeeding like us. And one also suggested to check at e-lactancia.org, and below is the assessment. LOW RISK!


Because many breastfeeding mothers experienced, testified and proved that it was safe to take this antibiotic, I took it with no doubt while nursing baby Kiehl. Been taking it for two days already and there really is no bad effect for him! Yey!!!

That is why I am sharing this post kahit na somehow gross na experience 🙂

After 6 days of having boils…. I can say that it’s gone now…

And hopefully no more next… Madala naman sya no?