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Happy 9th Month Baby Kiehl!

Last Sunday, March 12 2017 marked the 9th month of our baby boy. The atatata, the I think another talkative David baby turned another month old and has a lot of milestones to date.

9 months

At 9 months

    • Can sit on his own – bale matagal na hindi ko lang na blog, he was I think 6 months or 7 when he started to sit
    • Can stand on the wall by his own.
    • Can bump his hands on the wall followe by his head so ayun BUKOL!
    • Stands on his swing… Naku pag matutulog yun and magigising, bigla na lang babangon sa pagkakahiga sa duyan and later on will stand..
    • Sit as he wakes up in the middle of the night – grabe nagugulat akong nakikita syang nakaupo as I’m worried baka mahulog sa kama
    • Wakes up the same time as we wake up to prepare her ate in the school – opo nakikisabay sya ng gising. Ayaw kasi nya ng walang katabi kaya nagigising din sya kapag sya na mag isa. So my strategy now is, when I get up every morning, I will transfer him sa swing while he is still sleeping para deretso pa din sleep nya.
    • He has three teeth! Two sa baba and one sa taas which started to protrude in his 8th month. He had fever and pooping when yung upper tooth nya ang tumubo. Ang sungit mamies!
    • Raising his hand as if “Alelujah praise the Lord” katuwa nga eh ang cute hehe…
    • He loves to ride his ate’s pink bike!
    • He had tigdas hangin few days before he turned nine
    • He loves to watch commercial ng bear brand and nido – Pag 3 Pataas and Check the Label Mommy. And the Joni Joni Yes Papa in you tube
    • Sleeps well! and I love it! Although yun nga may times na nagigising and uupo


standing JD

standing at the swing

fave commercial

lower teeth

And before he officially turned 9, he had tigdas hangin 🙁 Buti di sya nilagnat. Tuesday morning of March 7th, when I carried him kasi he was incessantly cying, I saw a lot of red rashes on his face. Then all over his body na pala. So I was so worried that I even texted my boss that I will take an EL so I can have my son checked. EH tapos sabi nila tigdas hangin lang yun… His taga alaga gave him a eucalyptus bath, wore him with the black shirt and pants the whole day and night para daw gumaling. And wow nga, I thinkg the rashes lasted for 3 or 4 days. He was 2 days masungit kasi it was itchy.

Tigdas Hangin

black for tigdas
it’s mama’s milk!

But after that weekend, he went back to being jolly and madaldal.

So that was it. My son’s 9th month milestone. I bet he’ll start to walk earlier than JD. Jd walked when she was a year and month old. But because Kiehl is a boy and is a breastfed baby, I expect he’ll do earlier than her ate.

How about you mamas what are your baby’s age and where are they now in terms of milestone?