Baby Breastfeeding

Hurray to A Year of Breastfeeding Journey

Yey! Last June 12, 2017 marked our one year of breastfeeding journey with our son Kiehl. I can’t believe we’ve gone this far. We survived! Thank God!

Our independence baby celebrated his first birthday yesterday (and will make a separate post about it – sana sipagin), and that also is our one year of being attached, him getting the best food from mama dhy ??

But before this week, I was worried that my liquid gold will soon come to an end. Why? Because last week, I consistently was getting 4oz each session for every 6 hours gap which supposedly 6oz each ?? That is for 4 consecutive days. And you can see in my pictures below that my stash are only 4oz high.

Before these 4oz, here’s what I normally had.

And this day’s output – pumped 3pm, 6 hours after my baby had latch. So sad to see this one below…

3 1/2 oz after 6 hours of latch

Was really sad that after last week my supply doesn’t return ??

And guess what. After 6 hours again or after my 3pm pump, I again had my last session at 1030pm, and yey!!!! See this? ???

I did nothing, ate what I normally eat. No milk booster, just believing that my supply will get back and it did today! Hopefully this continues, let’s see on the coming days.

For now, I am happy for the food I will bring home for Kiehl.

And for all the breastfeeding mothers like me who after achieving a year of nursing journey feel that the supply is depleting, please don’t be affected. Jusy believe that we will continue to give the best food to our little one.

Here’s to more months or years of giving my son the best food, cheers!