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Kiehl’s First Birthday

It’s been a while, I’ve never posted anything hayst… And I will try this time while I am on my way home. I am sleepy, my eyes want to close and doze while traveling home by the bus. But my mind says no, not yet – post something new and update tour blog. That is why here I am again mamas, and hope to finish this article before I reach home ? But oh sadly, I am palpitating right now. Need to breath deeply whew!

Okay okay…

June 12, 2017 – Kiehl’s first birthday, it was a simple celebration done at home. But before we came up with this, I had two other options like Jollibee celebration or a catering celeb at a function hall.

No worries when celebration is to be done in JFC – they already have the host, games, prizes and give aways. The only not so good is that the foods aren’t that appetizing, hehe.

The second is through catering. Oh yes – so many food selections. Also less worry about the dishwashing and all. But but… have to rent a venue, and everthing. This option is mpre expensive that JFC.

So the final decision is to do it at home. True enough, it took most of our time with the preparation.

Our budget was 40k (initially was forecasting to spend only 20k but I felt guilty) But I think we only spent 35k.

Our theme – Cavs basketball. Most of the decorations are DIY. My creativity was tested.

Here’s the DIY backdrop, made mostly of crepe paper and cartolina. Printed out the Happy Birthday in basketball with Kiehl’s pictures.



The huge tarpaulin is sponsored by Tita Carla, thank you Tita!


And here is what I love – my DIY handwritten craft for sweet corner


FullSizeRender (1)


And the clown by H Clown and Services from Angeles Pampanga

FullSizeRender (2)

Before the party started, there was a painting session for kids and kids at heart.

Ate Jhaydii on her face paint

And the FOODS! Yum!

Yummy Morkon (Embutido)
Chicken in BBQ Sauce
Chicken Fillet


CAKE from A La Creme

Basketball Cake

Give Away  from YOuniqueU

Give Away

Our Family 🙂

FullSizeRender (3)

Thank you to our guests, they made our son’s celebration a lot fun. Hope they  enjoyed the party ? though.

Kiehl’s mood during the celebration, he’s hyper! He knew there was an occasion that we found it hard to put him into an afternoon nap, grabe ayaw matulog. He just had a thirty minute nap. Fortunately he didn’t have tantrums, was only afraid of the clowns that is why he cried.

Thanks for reading!