Baby Breastfeeding

Learning the Breastmilk Hand Expression

Too bad or should I say, blessing in disguised that I left some parts of the Looney Tunes pump at home. This couldn’t function without them. This, I had no choice but to try hand expression for the third time.

I have to tried it before, twice and was disappointed with the result.

Ibahin natin mga bes ngayon!

At first express kanina, yay I couldn’t get enough. I was already feeling to give up. And then I tried stimulating my nip first just like how epump does. And yun! Overflowing milk followed! And I was so happy I know now how to hand express.

Hand Expression 1
The 1st morning Yield 5oz by hand 🙂
Hand Expression 2
Total Yield for a Day by Hand – 12oz

And if I forget again some of my epump parts – not to vex anymore! I have two hands, the left and the right! Right?

Here’s how I did it..

  • Stimulate your nipple in order to have a let down
  • When you feel the let down – start expressing your breast gently
  • Alternately express both breasts as long as there’s let down
  • When let down stops, rest. Stimulate again your nip to get another let down
  • Express again until your breasts become empty

I know I need more practice so I can get used to it, nakakangawit din eh.

Will post the video soon. Check back again ha?


Here’s the video 😉 Hover over the picture and click play.

Hand Expression
Hover over this picture and click in order to play