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My Fitspiration

I am wishing to have a fab body, with abs and not this fatty. I remember I blogged before how I want to have a body like Coleen, Vina and those who have the wow abs and body.

I long for that tummy, but never have achieved it until now. Lalo na that I became pregnant and gave birth, and my puson is so malaki and still has the pre-pregnancy fat.

That is why I find some fitspiration from Instagram, followed those mamas who gave birth and did a huge body transformation, so I can be much motivated.

Here’s one…..

Kelsey Wells of My Sweat Life…

Her blog My Sweat Life

my sweat life 2

my sweat life 1
Hover Over the Picture to See Her IG Account

To achieve this, I need to exert effort and give my best.

I started with Jillian Michael ab workout you tube video – the one that I used before I get pregnant. And I followed her on IG, and from there, I saw that she has an app, I downloaded it and yey! Made my morning workout easy peasy….

In just 7 minutes I can achieve the dreamed ab that I longed for…. To make my workout more challenging, I added a bun/thigh routine, been doing it for two days already… made me shed more sweat every morning.

Here’s how the app looks like.

jillian michael ap

And here I am doing the weekend morning routine with our baby Kiehl in a walker. He always comes to me when I am working out… 🙂
morning worokout with kiehl

I won’t be posting how my ab looks now haha, not so much progress. But what exciting is, I can feel the progress 😉 already. The dresses I have in my closet fit me already….. Yes to that! It means that my morning routine has a positive outcome, I just need to work more to achieve what I want…

And I only not do the work out, to effectively do this, I also watch my diet, lessen my food intake. Because I believe that no matter how hard you are in working out, but you are not wary and watchful of your diet, then the effort is wasted. So take advantage of the opportunity, workout and watch your diet….

Ps: My weight…. Was 53kg – January 4, 2017…….. now 49, February 20, 2017 😉

You tell me if my routine is effective or not okai?

Till my next fitspiration post mamas!