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Nursing Dresses from Elin

Grabe! Parang I was about to blog pa lang about my nursing dress order from last Friday night, pero naunahan ako ng delivery. I was about to blog and tell you mamas that I again ordered from my favorite online store kasi nga super good quality and ang gaganda ng designs nila. Tapos ayun, unexpectedly, when I came back to office today from some personal errand, my colleague told me that I have a package from Fastrack. And I was like “huh? ano kaya yun?” Kasi nga I wasn’t expecting na it will be delivered that fast. I was expecting that it will take after two working days.. It happened kasi that I placed my orders over the weekend so kaya dapat not today pa (as I was thinking).

orders received

But, that is the benefit of not expecting kasi ang ganda ng outcome! I was very happy that I now see my orders and tingin and touch pa lang, very satisfied na and made me want to order again hahaha (ang yaman!). Ang ganda pa ng quality ng tela nila, lalo na the designs!

Ang bilis na lang kasi ngayon mag order online eh, there’s this payment through paypal, which I did here in Elin, and the BPI mobile transfer. Kaya naman ang bilis mawala ng kwarta haha… Isang click lang and your 1k or 2k is gone! My gudness!

And here’s what I ordered…. Grabbed the pictures from Elin website.

Carrie Nursing Dress
3.4 nursing top
Basic 3/4 Nursing Top

I ordered two basic 3/4 nursing top, with different colors lang. Besides its good quality and fashionable items, elin also offers sale items! Kaya yan, nakuha ko sila ng medyo mura.. As in affordable yet good quality! I can wear it at office mga mama. Just like what I did with my maternity dress…

And here they are, I got these items on Monday after lunch time…

Elin delivery

Elin dress

Yes mamas, I ordered my maternity dress from them, I had 5 items ordered from them and I am wearing them in the office where I work. You can find my outfits here when I was buntis – category PREGNANCY.

I am addicted na to online shopping or at shopping for nursing dress hahaha… Nakatipid nga ako sa milk, sa dress naman hindi… But it’s okay,… Breastmilk is still best for babies and I am giving my son all the nutrients he needs! His best food while he’s still a baby.

By the way, again, the money I used to purchase these items came from my blogging income hihi..

Thank you Elin! Sana I can be your affiliate na 😉

How about you mga mama, what are your fetish nowadays? Dare to share 😉